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Frequently asked questions

In this section you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Vehicle rental, pick up and return

What documents do I need to present when picking up the vehicle?
  • Reservation number / Voucher
  • ID /NIE/ Valid Passport
  • Current and valid driving license (A full ‘B’ driver’s license is required, provisional or learners’ permits will not be accepted.)

It is mandatory to present the original documents. Copies, pictures or digital files will not be accepted.


How can I pay for my booking?

To make a reservation for the car the following forms of payment are accepted: credit cards, debit cards, transfers, payment link or cash*. Payments by bank checks are not accepted.

I made the payment on the solorentacar.com website, but did not receive a booking confirmation

If you have not received a confirmation, please contact us at support@sologroup.net.

What is the minimum and maximum rental period?

    • Minimum: 24 hours
    • Maximum: 89 days

Can the company guarantee a specific car model?

Yes, You can select the option of "Guaranteed model" in the Extra options.

If I booked the vehicle on the company website or via a third party (aggregator websites or brokers), can the company guarantee the vehicle model?

SOLO rent a car cannot guarantee a specific vehicle model for bookings made without the "guaranteed model" option or through a third party company such as brokers or price compare websites.

Our company only guarantees the following: 
    • Vehicle class
    • Body type
    • Transmission type

When can I purchase SOLO rent a car’s additional services?

All available additional services can be contracted at the moment of making the reservation or at the time of vehicle collection.

What time can I pick up or return the rented vehicle?

You can find the working hours list on our websites "Contacts" section. For out of hours collection there will be an additional 45€ charge. 

In case of flight delay, can I collect my vehicle after office closing time?

Please inform us regarding flight delays so we can organise accordingly. 
Málaga: +34 951 818 555 
Marbella: +34 951 279 142
Email for both offices: support@sologroup.net 

On the contrary, the "60 minute grace period" will be implemented and the reservation may be marked as "NO SHOW".

What can I do if I forgot to notify SOLO rent a car agents reagarding the flight delay and do not show up on time to receive the vehicle?

In most cases, once the 60 minute grace period has passed, the reservation might be marked as "NO SHOW" and cancelled. 

However, we encourage the cusomer to consult the status of their reservation by calling or emailing us; 
Málaga: +34 951 818 555
Marbella: +34 951 279 142
Email adress for both offices: support@sologroup.net

If the reservation is still active, the customer can come collect the vehicle at the office during business hours. 

Can I book the vehicle online and pick it up on the same day?

Yes, you can make a reservation on the website for the closest hour. 

Can I pick up the vehicle on the same day without a prior booking?

Yes, you can. But in this case, you must choose from the vehicles that are available, so we recommend booking in advance. 

Is it possible to leave the country where I rented the vehicle?

The rented vehicle must be used on the territory of Spanish mainland and Gibraltar. 
You cannot visit the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Visiting other countries is strictly forbidden.

Can I return the vehicle at a different SOLO rent a car office?

Yes, you can either select a different office for drop-off when making the reservation on our website, or communicate the request to the rentals desk at the time of vhicle collection.
There will be a "One Way" fee (60€) for returning to a diferent location. 

Do I have to pay a deposit when I pick up the vehicle?

Yes. The client must pay a deposit when receiving the vehicle. The deposit amount varies depending on the vehicle model. You can consult the security deposit amount on our website or your rental voucher. 

Do I have to clean the car before returning it?

You do not have to clean the cr before returning it, regular vehicle cleaning is included in your rental rate. 

However, please keep in mind that irregular pollution, Anti-Tobacco cleaning and animal contamination will incur additional charges. 

100€ - 450€ depending on the severity and time it'll take to restore the vehicle to a state where it is acceptable to be rented again. 

What should I do if I can’t return the vehicle on time?

Please notify the office of possible late arrival. 

There is a 60 minute grace period.
    • Delay up to 1 hour: free of charge
    • Delay up to 2 hours: 50€ late return fee
    • Delay of 3 hours or more: 50€ late return fee + the cost of 1 days rent.

What happens if I return the vehicle earlier?

There won't be an additional charge for early return. 
As well as money for unused time will not be refunded.

Do I need to present a voucher when receiving the vehicle?

Yes, please have the booking voucher/confirmation with you when collecting the vehicle, it can be printed or in digital format.

When will I get my security deposit back?

Assuming there are no contract violations that may impede, average return time is 7 - 10 business days.

If there are contract violations, SOLO rent a car reserves the right to withhold the deposit until we are able to provide an accurate final invoice for damages caused or the client is obsolved of financial responsabilty.

What can I do if the vehicle breaks down?

You must contact the office where you booked the rental, using the phone number provided by our managers. 

What can I do if the vehicle gets stolen?

Immediately contact the Police, and make a an official report.

You must present the Police report and the vehicle keys to the nearest SOLO rent a car office within 24 hours.

What if my personal belongings get stolen?

Personal belongings are not included in the insurance coverage and, therefore, SOLO rent a car does not bear responsibility. 

What should I do if my car has been towed?

You will need to go to the local car pound (you will find a sticker on the floor where you had parked the car, it'll include the address and contact information of the car pound), or you can contact the local police, or you can contact the local police for information.

Once you arrive at the car pound, you will be required to pay the corresponding penalty and the cost of evacuating the vehicle. In this case, SOLO rent a car is not responsible for the penalties and the retrieval of the car.

Attention! To retrieve the vehicle, please bring your rental contract and a proof of ID that is also reflected on the rental contract. 

What should I do if the vehicle is involved in an accident?

If medical assistence is necessary please contact the ambulance by calling the number 112.

The driver has to fill out the Standard European Accident Statement" (Declaración amistosa de accidentes) which is located in the glove compartment together with an example and vehicle documents.
We ask you to exercise maximum caution when exiting the vehicle and set up the necessary warning signs. You will find all the necessary equipment in the trunk of the car.

You must email the signed documents togeher with the pictures of the incident to support@sologroup.net and also deliver the original documents to a SOLO rent a car office. 

This report must be delivered to the nearest SOLO rent a car office within 48 hours after the incident.

In case the vehicle cannot continue, contact the Roadside Service number. You will need to name the insurance policy, license plate number and specify your exact location.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, will I receive a replacement vehicle?

SOLO rent a car will provide a replacement vehicle at no additional cost in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

In the case of a damaged vehicle, you can rent a new vehicle with an applied discount, and the customer can pick it up from the nearest SOLO rent a car office.

Received a fine?

If you have been fined during the period of your rental, we will provide your data to the corresponding authority so that you can receive the penalty in your country as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there will be a 45€ charge for Fine administration services.

The driver is responsable for paying the fine.

I forgot a personal belonging in the car, how can I get it back?

If you have forgotten any personal objects in the rental vehicle, you can send an email to support@sologroup.net or call +34 951 509 999, indicating a description of the object, the contract number and the rental dates.

Unfortunately, at SOLO rent a car we are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property left or forgotten in the vehicle during the rental period.

Modifying or cancelling your booking

How can I receive an invoice for my rental?

After the end of the rental period, you can request an invoice from support@sologroup.net, for the company to create an invoice you will need to provide the following details; 

  • Contract number and name of driver
  • Invoicing name 
  • address 
  • contact
  • VAT registration number 
How far in advance must I notify SOLO rent a car regarding potential changes in the booking?

Minimum 48 hours before picking up the vehicle. 

Can I cancel a booking? And how much can that cost?

For Basic Pack;

With this pack it is NOT possible to modify the reservation.

Cancellations requested more than 48 hours before the start of the rental, SOLO rent a car will retain 10% of the total amount of the rental.

Cancellations requested less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, SOLO rent a car will retain 100% of the total amount of the rental.

Said cancellations can be made by contacting the following email: support@sologroup.net


For PREMIUM+ Pack;

With this pack, YES you can cancel or modify the reservation.

Cancellations requested more than 48 hours before the start of the rental, we do not retain any amount paid.

Cancellations requested less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, we retain 100% of the total amount of the rental.

Modifications* in the reservation must be notified more than 48 hours before the start of the rental.

Who do I contact if I would like to modify or cancel my booking?

To cancel or modify a booking, contact us at: support@solorentacar.net

How can I modify or cancel a booking made via a third party (broker)?

You can get the full information from your broker. SOLO rent a car can only make changes to or cancel a booking made directly through our company. 

Rental terms: kilometrage, fuel, insurance and additional services

Is there a minimum and maximum age to rent a vehicle?

When renting the vehicle, the client must be over the age of 18 and have held the license for at least a year. 
Keep in mind that there are additional daily charges for drivers under the age of 24 and those with less than 1-year driving experience. You must pay this sum at our office upon receiving the vehicle.

Who can drive the vehicle?

Only persons listed as primary and secondary drivers in the rental agreement are allowed to drive (maximum 5 drivers per rental).
If during the rental period you want to add a driver, you must contact your nearest SOLO rent a car office and include this person in the contract. The new driver will also need to present a valid driver's license.
Remember that insurance will not cover if an accident occurs with an unauthorized driver.

Is there a kilometrage limit?

We offer limited mileage for all vehicle classes:
    • Rental period between 1 and 15 days: 200 km per day
    • Rental period between 16 and 31 days: 3000km for entire rental period. 
If the limit is exceeded, the client pays each subsequent kilometer at the established rate of 0.69€ per kilometer.

How much fuel do you provide for the car I rent?

As a rule, the vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel (the type of fuel is indicated: in the contract, on the keys, on the windshield of the car and on the tank itself). It must be returned with the same amount of fuel filled. If there is not enough fuel, the client pays it according to the tariffs set by the company plus an additional charge for refueling in the amount of 15 €. Also, a separate option is available to the client: “prepaid fuel”. Pay attention to the chosen fuel policy option specified in the rental conditions.

What is the “Prepago de Combustible” system (full – empty)?

You can pre-book this option and return the vehicle with an empty tank. The price of this option varies depending on the vehicle model. 

What if I put the wrong fuel?

If you accidentally put the wrong type of fuel, please contact the company office and notify us about this. Do not continue to drive the vehicle.

What basic insurance is offered at the booking?

Basic insurance included in the car rental price consists of CDW “Coverage in the event of an accident” and TP “Coverage in the event of theft”. 

What is CDW (coverage in the event of an accident)?

CDW insurance coverage or “coverage in the event of an accident” limits the driver’s liability to a franchise – a maximum sum that can be withheld from the deposit if the vehicle you rented received damage during your rental. The CDW insurance does not cover damages to the windshield, rear and side windows, tires, bottom of the vehicle, loss of keys, lock breakage, or towing. 

What is TP (coverage in the event of theft)?

TР or “coverage in the event of theft” limits the driver’s liability to a franchise – a maximum sum that can be withheld from the deposit if the vehicle gets stolen or received damage in a theft attempt during your rental. 

What is a franchise?

Franchise is a maximum sum limited by the size of the deposit, which we withhold from your deposit if the vehicle gets damaged or stolen during your rental period. 

In which case is the franchise not applied?

The franchise does not apply in case of purchase of PREMIUM and PREMIUM + insurance directly from SOLO rent a car. In addition, you will be insured against theft, damage to the body, paintwork, wheels, windows and mirrors.

Can I order additional insurance?

When booking online, SOLO rent a car includes compulsory car insurance (CDW). In addition, during the booking process through the SOLO rent a car website, you can expand this when booking or receiving a vehicle. When ordering PREMIUM and PREMIUM + coverage, franchise is not applied (also with PREMIUM + the deposit amount is reduced by 50%). The cost of expanding coverage depends on the rental period and vehicle class.

What is included in the different insurance types?
  Standard insurance Premium insurance Premium + insurance
Accident from a third party
Body and paint damage with a franchise    
Body and paint damage without a franchise  
Damage of all windows and mirrors    
Headlight Damage    
Damage to tires and wheels      
Fuel consumption      
Excess of the specified mileage      
Excess of the specified rental period      
Loss of the key      
Road assistance      
Damage to the integrity and cleanliness of the cabin      
Loss of or damage to accessories      

ATTENTION! All types of insurance cover exclusively the aforementioned external damages and never cover internal damages to the vehicle.

What do I do if I already have insurance from a different company?

If you have an insurance policy or additional insurance to a credit card or insurance agency (including aggregator websites or brokers) through which you made the reservation, it is important to remember that in all cases those are NOT a SOLO rent a car insurance. Therefore, you will have to make a full deposit amount with a franchise or purchase our additional insurance.
If during the rental period the car is damaged, you will pay it within the amount of the security deposit, and then you can claim compensation from the company from which you purchased the insurance policy.

What additional services can I book at SOLO rent a car?

During the booking process, you can view the list of additional services that we offer and their cost:
    • Additional driver (up to 5 drivers per rental)
    • Young driver (under 24 or less than 1-year driving experience)
    • Child seat or booster (0-15 kg)
    • Fuel option “full-empty tank”
    • GPS-navigator 
    • Portable WIFI 
    • Road assistance 
    • Vehicle delivery 
We strongly recommend that you book the additional services ahead of time so that we can guarantee their availability at the moment of vehicle delivery. 

What is included in “Road assistance”?

Road assistance is an additional option, which provides you the service for solving any issues related to the use of the vehicle during the rental period. Our staff will quickly instruct you and help you in case of a punctured tire, low battery, loss of keys, etc. In the event of a traffic accident, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle. Without this option, this type of service will be paid.

​What is the deposit amount and what is it required for?

The deposit is used to cover additional costs that may occur during the rental period. 
    • Additional mileage 
    • Late vehicle return 
    • Additional rental days 
    • Lack of fuel at return 
    • Interior damages
    • Loss of vehicle keys
    • Loss or breakage of additional devices (GPS, etc.) 
    • Inadequate driving or car use
    • Violation of general agreement terms. 
The sum of the deposit will be charged to your bank card and varies depending on the vehicle class, from 750€ to 6.000€. When purchasing the PREMIUM+ insurance, the deposit is reduced by 50%. 

If you have any questions

This information does not replace general rental terms. To receive more detailed information, contact us via email: support@solorentacar.net

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