ТОП пляжей на побережье Испании, которые стоит посетить

Top beaches on the coast of Spain that are worth a visit

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Top beaches on the coast of Spain that are worth a visit
Visiting this wonderful sunny country, everyone wants to swim first in the sea, and then see the sights. The coastline in the south here is thousands of kilometers long, there are large cities like Barcelona and Malaga, the villages that are worth visiting, the islands. Going on vacation, decide on the point of arrival, and then make a plan for the route of travel in the country in advance, so you will not only have a great rest and see more, but also turn the rest into an exciting adventure.
We present to your attention TOP beaches at different resorts that are popular with locals and travelers. To make their location more understandable, we divided their geography into four directions.
Costa Dorada
Costa Dorada is located south of Barcelona. It is here that flyers come with travelers. From here you can visit the neighborhood nearby, both for one day and stay for a few days in hotels, the choice of which is also huge. To do this, you can use local transport - it's an electric train, or rent a car. Of course, a personal car gives you more space for transportation, you are not constrained by the time of the train or bus schedule, you will not think how to get to a specific place after the station and back, you can return at any time or go to the bay or restaurant on the way.
Castelldefels - is located near El Prat airport, by car you can reach in half an hour. The beach stretched for 5 km, there is all the infrastructure, a lot of hotels. Feature - not many tourists and a very clean sea.

  •  Sitges - a town with bars, discos, parties. Sitges loves young people, especially unconventional sexual orientation.
  •  Vilanova i la Geltru - a cozy place, a lot of local, there is a promenade with restaurants and cafes, you can easily sunbathe without a lot of tourists.
  •  Calafell - popular with the Spaniards, so it will be interesting for those who want to plunge into the national flavor and culture. Here are the routes for ecotourism in the vineyards. By car you can go around the neighborhood to Tarragona - walk along the streets and view the sights.
  •  Salou - a favorite point of the Russian, it is loved for clean sand, long coast and cheap. Also everyone likes the PortAventura amusement park for children - a very recommended family visit. Salou himself is big and handsome.

Costa Brava

Located Costa Brava north of Barcelona and from here it is also easy and quick to get there. Interesting landscapes are found if you move away, where the rocks begin, and the hotels are located at different levels from the sea. We recommend to see such beach directions:

  •  Lloret de Mar - good beaches, but in high season are very crowded with noisy crowds of tourists;
  •  Calella, Santa Susanna, Pineda, Malgrat - all these are small settlements with picturesque nature, rocks;
  •  Blanes - a sea with a nice beach. Noteworthy is the location itself - by car it is easy to reach, even to Barca, even to Girona. In just 4 hours along the route you can find yourself in Andorra;
  • Tossa - notable for bays, mountain paths and its own attraction - the old fortress;
  •  Platja d'Aro - famous internationally, right in the center, which, beach vacation. Very romantic, beautiful and unusual for our travelers;
  •  Sa Tuna - beautiful in beauty and comfort village with bays and rocky coast. On a rented car you can drive through all the surroundings and will be in unity with the charming nature in a romantic and quiet atmosphere.

Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca includes such large cities as Valencia and Alicante with airports and direct flights to Moscow. Between them and in the district is concentrated a lot of these towns:
• Benidorm - it is often not a hotel that is rented, but apartments and apartments on the shore, there are many observation platforms, a city party, shops and cafes on the embankment. Minus - little greenery;
• Calpe - good nature, green hills and a lot of routes for hiking and car tourism;
• Cullera - picturesque places, little rest, freedom and beauty. Also here is an inexpensive accommodation;
• La Manga Mar menor - a long urban spit, on one side of which the sea, and on the other - a salt lake with therapeutic mud, which can be used for free.
Costa del Sol
Arrival in Malaga, it is convenient and easy to make from Moscow straight. This province of Andalusia, which is famous for its urban beauty and ancient architecture. By car you can go all the southern coast, near the Strait of Gibraltar, and then the Atlantic Ocean. We recommend to visit such beach resorts: Nerja, Marbella, Conil de la Frontera and Cadis.
Spain is a colorful place where one visit is not enough, but having a car, a lot of problems are solved - you can see a lot and at once.

Порт Авентура – идеальный парк развлечений для отдыха с детьми

Port Aventura - the perfect amusement park for families with children

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Port Aventura - the perfect amusement park for families with children
Port Aventura park is the main place of entertainment in Spain, it is also called Spanish Disneyland for a huge number of attractions and extensive territory. It is the second largest in Europe after Paris, but it has significant differences in planning and themes, so we recommend it to all children!
There is a park near the city of Salou, and from Barcelona it is about 100 km. If you arrived in the capital of Catalonia from Moscow, you can get to Portavetnura by public transport or by renting a car. The location on the Costa Dorada is ideal for holidaymakers who have come to a seaside resort. Children and parents will be interested not only to buy, but also to visit one of the most interesting places in the whole country. Even by the name itself you can understand that it is here that the entrance to the country of adventure is located.
What does the Port Aventura complex include
On the territory of the park, which can be called a whole city, is located:

  •  Hotels;
  •  Beaches with a sandy beach and clear sea;
  •   Aquapark;
  •    Golf course;
  • A large beautiful lake;
  •  50 attractions, including a huge roller coaster;
  •  Thematic zones divided into "Wild West", "Mexico", "Polynesia", "Mediterranean", "China" and for the youngest visitors - the country "Sesame";
  •  Cafes and restaurants of local and international cuisine.

It is impossible to bypass the whole park in one day, adults and children will want to try all the attractions and ride on "Furious Worm", so here they call the American speed roller coaster.
PortAventura zones
The most visited here is the "Mediterranean" part, as here you can see the beauty of Spain and the whole region. Come to restaurants, try fish dishes and famous Spanish treats. Very nicely thought out arrangement of streets, architecture, showing the color and temperament of the country.
If you want to visit other "states in miniature" at one time, look into the Chinese or Mexican zone - they reflect the characteristics of these cultures, as well as offer their entertainment and treats. Paints, variegated ornaments and peculiar architecture attract travelers. No one will miss it. Also you will find amazing attractions - 100 m rig for jumping bungee and Dragon Khan - the road by which trailers with people move at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
Polynesia is a calm part of the whole city. It is here that there is a lake with its embankments, as well as a theater. Tourists are given the opportunity to raft on canoes, taste extraordinary dishes and visit water gardens and fountains.
"Wild West" - it's the adventures of cowboys, cheerful squash and a specific design of houses and bars. It will be interesting to swim on an artificial river with surprises and dousing with water.
"Sesame" is a kind of fairy Disneyland with characters from fairy tales and musical children's shows. Kids here really enjoy.
On the territory there is also a water park, which must be visited by the whole family. Entertainment here is enough for a long time.
Cost and working time PortAventura
The family recreation park is open all year round, but in winter it will not be possible to enjoy water and warmth. To avoid long queues at every turn, heat and pandemonium, come in the spring or fall. Summer is the peak of the season when visitors are the most.
Pleases visitors that it is necessary to pay only for an input, and further to use all roundabouts and water parks it is possible infinitely many times. The ticket is the same for the whole day and its prices:

  •  For adults - is 45 euros;
  •  For children and pensioners from 55 years - 39 euros.

Children's ticket is sold until 11 years, so take your passport with you. Separately, pay only for restaurants and Aquapark - this is 24 euros for adults and 19 for minors and the elderly. Many want to extend their stay and buy coupons for several days at once, which is also possible, and the savings will be significant - up to one and a half times. A separate Express ticket allows you to pass on the carousel without a queue, which is important in the high season.

Творения Гауди в парке Гуэля в Барселоне

Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona

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Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona
Spain is visited for different purposes - who dream of a warm, clean sea and entertainment for the whole family, others to conquer the hangouts of Ibiza, and still others - to see local sights and be inspired by the national color. All this is concentrated in one extraordinary city - Barcelona, ​​the capital of the province of Catalonia. Here to the services of travelers a warm and mild climate all year round, near the gentle sea and the Costa Dorada, as well as a whole city full of beauty and temperament, like the Catalans themselves.
If you booked a hotel in the center, you can easily reach all places of interest on foot or by public transport. If in Barcelona on excursions - it is more comfortable to rent a car and with the convenience for your own pleasure to travel without thinking about schedules and not depending on the guide.
The amazing architecture of the famous Spanish architect
Antonio Gaudi is known all over the world for works of unusual style. His surrealism in architecture has become a kind of "educational tool" for many beginner architects and designers trying to implement projects that are a bit like masterpieces. They visit Barcelona as a museum in the open air and watch for hours the colorful facades of houses and statues that are frozen in mysterious poses and demonstrate a miracle in shape. Everyone is impressed by the palace of Batllo and all kinds of houses in a unique performance.
Gaudi worked more than 100 years ago, then he began the construction of many buildings and complexes, and some of them were then completed by his disciples and followers until recently, like the "Cathedral of the Holy Family."
Park Güell is an amazing part of the city, which combines gardens and residential quarters. It is notable for the fact that it can be walked around freely, like in a park, and inspect the architecture. It was founded in 1900 by a count under the surname Güell, and therefore began to bear his name. Now it is a place of tourists gathering from all corners of the world and the object is included in UNESCO World Heritage.
How to create Guell park
The park itself was conceived as a small town in the garden and it was built for 14 years in the last century. The construction is passable in 3 stages:

  1.  Construction of artificial hills and strengthening of slopes;
  2.  Creation of infrastructure - roads, circumferential walls, congresses, entrance pavilions;
  3.  Construction of houses and architectural elements, the first of which appeared a bench-snakes of architects Gaudi and Jujol. Also built 3 mansions and one of them was bought by the chief architect himself. He was converted into a museum under the house, and he bears the name of his master to this day and still keeps his unique furniture he created.

The complex was sold by the heirs of the Mayor of Gueil, and it transformed it into a tourist place. One of the houses of that time still belongs to the heirs of a lawyer who bought it back in those days.
How to get to the park
The object has its own address, it is convenient for those who travel by car with a navigator. Enter such data - Carrer d'Olot 5 08024 Barcelona. Also coordinates will help when traveling by bus. On the metro you should get to the station Lesseps or Vallcarca, and then find the signs on the street. The tourist bus 112 also reaches this place.
The opening hours for the park complex are from 8 to 21 every day. It operates all year round. If the locals can go there for free, then a fee is set for tourists - 7 euros. Separately, you will have to pay for the house of Gaudi - 5.5 euros for adults and 4.5 for minors.
Internal arrangement
At the entrance to the pavilion, you immediately find yourself in a fairy tale with "gingerbread" houses with sugar roofs. Visitors have a view of the main front staircase and fountains. The decor was created in mosaic technique from pieces of pottery and broken glass, giving the facades of houses and individual sculptures relief surfaces.
Next, you will see the famous "Hall of a hundred columns", in fact they perform not only a decorative, but also a practical role. In the fucking time, the pipes inside the columns collected rainwater in a container under the floor, and then it was used to irrigate the parkland.
In the center there is a square, and from it stretch walkways, where at every step a mosaic and unusual bizarre figures of all sizes - dragons, birds and other subjects. Also, tourists stroll through the viaducts, along the stone gallery, the rosary road and the porticoes. Everywhere you can feel the talent of the master, transmitted in smooth flowing shapes and soft lines. There are nowhere any straight lines and sharp corners - this is part of the idea.

Что необходимо увидеть в Мадриде

What you need to see in Madrid

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What you need to see in Madrid
The capital of Spain is a place worth visiting, traveling around the country. If you are on a rented car, then it is not difficult to travel around all the most famous sights of the city in one day. If you want to enter museums and palaces, then you should stock up on a few more holidays to see everything.
Popular destinations for tourists
We decided to make a list of 10 ancient places that are included in the list of necessary for viewing:

  1.  The Royal Palace. This is the main attraction and it is famous for having not only magnificent architecture, but also dimensions. The whole of the court in Madrid once lived here, history was created, intrigues were conceived and politics was created. The 1764 building has a Baroque style. This is the largest palace of kings in the whole of Western Europe, called Palacio Real. Previously, in its place was a Moorish fortress.
  2.  Almudena Cathedral. This temple is dedicated to the Theotokos from the city of the same name, the patroness of which it stands. It was built in 1885 in the Neo-Gothic style. It houses the tomb, and to this day services and celebrations are held. Also this place was chosen by Prince Felipe for the wedding in 2004.
  3.  Plaza Mayor Square. It is a popular tourist destination, lively and beautiful. Built in 1619, it is surrounded by houses in a special style - the Madrid baroque. In the Middle Ages, the whole life of the people took place here - holidays, knight tournaments, religious ceremonies, bullfights and even executions.
  4.  Area of ​​Puerta del Sol. Is next to the previous one. Here stands the monument "The Bear and the Strawberry Tree", as well as to Charles III, the Academy of Arts and the old metro station.
  5.  The National Museum of the Prado. It is considered one of the most important and significant in Europe and the world, as it contains collections of paintings by famous Spanish artists in full composition - these are Goya, Velasquez, El Greco, Bosch, Murillo and Zurbarana. The building is built in the style of late classicism.
  6.  Plaza de Espana. It is located in the very center, there is a monument to Cervantes, the Madrid tower, beautiful architectural complexes.
  7.  Gran Via street. It belongs to the most famous and oldest in the whole city, located between the squares of Spain and Alcalá. Along it there are many cafes, shops, souvenir shops.
  8.  Templo de Debot is a temple built in the 2nd century BC. e. in Egypt in the name of Amun and Isis. In 1968, he was transported on stone to Madrid, as a gift. Now it is located in a park in a picturesque place and completely conveys the atmosphere of Ancient Egyptian buildings.
  9.  The gate of Alcalá. They were built in 1769 in the neoclassic style on the site of the old entrance.
  10.  Parque Buen Retiro - a palace park - the most beautiful in the city. It was created in 1632, on its vast territory there are lakes with fountains, a crystal and stone palace, a branch of the Prado Museum.

Apparently, Madrid is a chic city, which must be visited. Here you can find entertainment for every taste and money.

Где лучше отдыхать с детьми в Испании

Where is the best time to relax with children in Spain

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Where is the best time to relax with children in Spain
Resting the whole family imposes other responsibilities, rather than traveling lightly with friends or a couple. Parents think how to choose the option that will suit everyone and will not let anyone get bored. Spain for this purpose is an ideal place in Europe. Thanks to good hotels and their program, as well as features of nature and climate, you will have a rest without problems. It remains for small, choose the right resort.
Experienced tourists share their impressions and advise beginners on good options. When asked where to go with the kids, many give advice, following them you can make the right choice the first time.
There are 4 popular destinations in the country - the coast (Costa) Dorada, Del Sol, Brava and Blanca. Everyone has their geographical differences and different coastlines. Some coastal cities are flat, others are hilly, with rocks, cliffs, bays and lagoons or vice versa, with the open sea constantly subject to storms. Kids like this beach, where there will be protection from the wind, clean and smooth sand on the beach and not deep. On the East coast - Costa Dorada and Brava, in the district of Barcelona - good weather all year round, and in the West near the ocean and Gibraltar it is often windy and cool outside the summer season. It is about these regions that will be discussed.
How to get to the resorts
The flight from Moscow is carried out directly to Barcelona, ​​from where you need to get to the chosen town and hotel. In order not to get confused in the schedules of electric trains or buses, when you have so many bags and small children, tired from the road, book a transfer. Best beforehand, even before arrival. So you will be sure that you will not be lost, and also at any time of the day you will be delivered to the address at a predetermined rate. This will save the family and nerves, and time.
The path to the resorts will take a maximum of 1-1.5 hours by car. If you arrived at night - this will be the only option, since the city transport at this time does not go. Also the big plus is that the Russian-speaking driver will meet. If you drive yourself, rent a car and use it for the entire vacation or certain days.
Top destinations in Costa Daurada
The most famous for our tourists is the resort of Salou. In this vicinity it is the largest city. Its advantage is that there are long and clean beaches, a flat bank with a gentle drop in the water. Children will be comfortable to swim and play on the beach, and parents will not be afraid of the depth, stones and storms.
Nearby is the Park Aventura - Spanish Disneyland, on the territory of which there are also hotels with beaches, water park and attractions. It can be traveled separately for a whole day, paying a single entrance ticket and enjoying everything without restrictions. It is also possible to stay in one of its hotels.
The proximity to Barcelona will often visit you on excursions to local attractions, so adults will be interested. Not far from Salou is a small town of La Pineda, which is also great for children's recreation. It is warm all year round, the sea is shallow.
You can use not only hotel territory, but also city beaches, they are free, clean and well maintained. The difference of Salou in a lot of greenery, everywhere planted trees, bushes, grass and flowers.
There is also Cambrils - the culinary capital of Catalonia, where there is a seaport and a good beach. Spaniards and travelers love this place for its excellent cuisine. If you are on a car, you will easily get to such entertainment complexes as Aqualeon and the aquapark Aquapolis with a dolphinarium, an aquarium.
Popular Destinations in Costa Brava
All the coast, as if created for holidays with children. There are a lot of settlements, both small and large, the largest of them are Alicatne and Valencia by the sea, there are own airports here. If you go to Barcelona, ​​a trip by car will take about a minute.
Famous place for families here is Lloret del Mar. There are quiet coves, clear water, fresh air and just beauty. During the summer peak here is very crowded, in spring or autumn it is possible to rest and eat cheap fruits and seafood with pleasure.
The coastal zone of this region has many interesting places to visit with children:

  •  The Oceanarium;
  •  The Zoo;
  •  Park "Tibidabo" with attractions;
  •  Garden "Maze of the Orta" with fountains, flowers, waterfalls and sculptures;
  •  The Museum of Science in Barcelona.

Blanes is an alternative to Lloret, it's quiet and peaceful, there are not a lot of noisy youth and crowds of tourists. In addition to the listed popular resorts, many choose still the island part of Spain - the Canary Islands. It has great weather all year round, picturesque landscapes, volcanoes and lots of entertainment. If you have arrived for a long time, be sure to go there, you will like it.

Как взять в аренду машину в Испании

How to rent a car in Spain

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How to rent a car in Spain

Going on a trip abroad, our man chooses one of two - he buys a tour from the agency or travels independently, having booked a hotel and receiving a visa. The first option is preferred by beginners in the tourist business or families with young children who are interested in a comfortable organized rest, when everything is planned in advance by the travel agent and is coordinated on the spot by the host country. Go "savage" and independently make up the route preferred by adventurers and seasoned travelers who value freedom of movement and independence from group programs. At the same time, it is necessary to plan the way of movement within the state, and for this purpose the car rental is best suited.

A company that provides car rental services

Spain is a big country in Western Europe, so everything here is organized according to the highest order and is controlled by the authorities. Offices that deal with car rental are necessarily registered and have a license for their activities. There are solid and time-tested international companies and small local ones, each has its own advantages for customers, so it is impossible to say unambiguously which is better.

SOLO Rent a Car is a well-known organization that is trusted by customers around the world, including from Russia. The Russian-language interface of the site is convenient for ordering, you can check all the details in your language and read the terms of the contract.

Freedom of action with a rented car

Vehicles of different classes, brands and price categories in excellent condition are offered to choose from. This makes it possible to choose an option for your pocket and requirements. A family with children can take a spacious car - a sedan, if a city tour or an SUV is planned, if you want to make a safari by filling out an application in advance and receiving it at the airport upon arrival. To help the excellent condition of roads. Steep sports cars of premium class are also available in different modifications. The rental price depends on the type of vehicle and its category in the first place, after which time, calendar time and other factors are taken into account.

In a rented car, you can travel to cities and towns, drive in far corners and explore the country on previously unknown routes. This is much more interesting than traveling with a large group of tourists on a bus in the guide's company along the well-known roads and known to all places. Rent a cabriolet for a trip along the seacoast with a breeze - what could be more tempting? It is good to know the expanses of the new state and get to know its life closely only in freedom without binding to the tourist program.

Rent a car can be from the age of 21, some offices require a document certifying the age, at least 23 years. All you need to have with you is a passport with a visa and international law rights, which have your name and category of vehicles that you can drive, written in Latin letters.

Условия аренды автомобиля в Испании

Terms of rent a car in Spain

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Terms of rent a car in Spain

Traveling freely in a foreign country is an exciting adventure that will be remembered much more than a regular group tour with a bus and guide. You can see more places, go to cities or remote areas, where you want and provides a planned route.

Who will rent a car?

Rent a car primarily because you plan to travel "savage" and deals with individual hotel booking and visas. Sometimes this is the only option if you want to go to a town that tour operators do not offer in the standard program, or there is a dream to visit many places at once. In advance it is necessary to make reservation on all points of arrival and to plan a trip on days. This will enable you to book a car rental in the respective regions in advance. You can choose a car economy, medium or premium class in excellent condition of the latest brands.

Even if you go to a big city, where all the tourists - Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, carry it, you do not need a standard tourist program or you want to stay in certain cities for longer. Freedom of action and movement will be provided by own transport, which in the territory of another country can be obtained by car rental.

Contract with the car rental company and its conditions

When signing a contract for the rental of a vehicle in Spain with the firms that provide them, you need to carefully read all the points. The contract states:

  • Information about the tenant;
  • Timing;
  • Place and time of receipt and return of the vehicle;
  • The chosen brand of the car, its technical characteristics and status at the moment;
  • Rent terms;
  • The cost.

Requirements may vary, but this section will necessarily include such paragraphs:

  • What is included in the price is usually insurance in the framework of a franchise (insurance collateral) in the event of damage during an accident, in theft, vandalism, an additional driver, child seats, navigator and fees - airport, local, road and premium location;
  • What is not included in the price - petrol and oil, washing, parking penalties or violations for the period of use;
  • The size of the franchise;
  • Additional restrictions (by age, mileage).

In addition, it should be remembered that payment can be made for a month, a week or daily, the rate will be different. If the car is rented, for example, for 27 hours, what you need to pay for 2 days, as for the full. When you receive the vehicle in the tank will be flooded with gasoline, the same amount is required at the time of return, if less - to pay the difference.

Requirements for the state of the car are also prescribed, it is stipulated that it should be returned in the same clean and fresh form as initially, cleaning the salon or washing on the responsibility of the lessee.

The car rental company requests such documents for the issue of cars:

  1. Passport;
  2. Rights (they must have data in Latin);
  3. Booking voucher (if the reservation took place beforehand on the Internet);
  4. A credit card with a deposit on which there are enough funds in euros to cover insurance (the amount is frozen for the period of using the vehicle), that is, only cash will be small.

It is most convenient to use the services of international companies, like SOLO Rent a Car, to formalize the contract in Russian and clarify all the points. The earlier the reservation is made, the cheaper it will be to pay at the end.

It is important to know that the driver's experience must be at least 2 years, and the age from 22, in some cases 21 years are allowed, but an additional fee is charged. The delivery takes place at the airport, and the refund can be issued in another place authorized by the company. If you plan to leave for the territory of Spain, you need to report this to the manager and prescribe in the contract.

Советы, как выгодно арендовать авто в Испании

Tips on how to rent a car in Spain

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Tips on how to rent a car in Spain

Travelers who enjoy freedom of movement travel abroad without the help of travel agencies and ready-made tours. They independently choose the route, deal with visas and search for hotels, and plan how to move within the country. For this, there is a car rental service, which you can take right at the airport upon arrival. This is convenient because you do not need to book a transfer to the hotel or look for a taxi. From the first day of the trip you can feel at full strength yourself as a free bird and live like a local person.

The office for car rental, which is trusted

It is best to book a car in advance before the arrival, to be sure of the availability of the brand that suits you, and save on rental. With frequent appeals, you will become a regular customer, who can count on discounts and an individual approach.

The company SOLO Rent a Car has two offices - in Barcelona and Malaga and allows you to rent economy or premium transport not only in Spain, but also throughout Europe. Advantage - Russian-speaking service and car concierge services. We have been working for many years and have gained a good reputation.

What do you need to know when going on a trip to Spanish territory?

Spain is divided into the mainland and the island part, to which the Canaries belong. If you want to travel there, you need to order a car from local companies on the day of treatment. Traffic rules are the same with Russia, so you do not need to specially prepare, Russian rights are suitable for presentation.

Nuances to which you should be prepared, intending to rent a car in this country:

  • The driver should be more than 21 years old, and preferably 22, and the driving experience of two years, if there is no desire to drive yourself - take the driver;
  • Most of the roads in cities are paid, you need to pay the fee at the entrance, the cost is different everywhere and depends on mileage and the importance of the route;
  • The parking facilities have a complex system of use, according to the designated color and signs you can understand how much time you can stand for free, and in which cases parking is prohibited (where there is an inscription zona residents can not be stopped by tourists, but only local) - before stopping it is better to ask a question;
  • For non-observance of parking rules I receive an impressive fine - about 90 euros;
  • To save money on car rentals, choose a weekend - from Friday to Sunday, when the tariff is cheaper, and also book for a long time ahead;
  • If you are not going to use the car every day, it is more advantageous, as an option, to conclude several contracts for certain dates in advance (for example, on weekends and in each city separately), this can be done in advance from one company;
  • When ordering to clarify the manager of the points where the TC to take - wherever they took or to another office - this makes the journey more comfortable and productive;
  • When traveling on human settlements, you should not exceed the speed above 50 km / h, so as not to get a fine, and between cities you can go faster;
  • When signing the contract, you need to carefully read the terms and what is included in the payment, consider that you will have to leave the insurance deposit (franchise) - the amount that is frozen on the card account for the period of the lease and is charged from it in the event of an accident, theft or damage.

Being in an unfamiliar country necessarily knowledge of English, but the majority of the population speaks only Spanish. Therefore, turning to local car rentals can not understand each other and get problems in the future, after signing the contract, to discover unforeseen conditions. With us, you can make a reservation in your language, which makes understanding much easier, and the journey will pass without nervous stress.

Какие права нужны для вождения в Испании при аренде авто?

What rights are needed for driving in Spain when renting a car?

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What rights are needed for driving in Spain when renting a car?

Going on a trip abroad on your own, you need to book a hotel and find where to rent a car to travel freely on your own chosen route. This gives an advantage to see more sights and visit distant cities without a crowd of tourists and noisy guides with whom they travel by bus. But before a trip it is necessary to specify all details, concerning rent of cars, how many it costs and whether for this purpose the rights of a special sample are necessary.

What is permitted by law and what in fact

The International Convention, which is signed for all EU countries, states that for driving on the territory of the EU we need rights that correspond to the expiry date and have information written in Latin. That is, the usual Russian driver's license in the form of a plastic card, where the data about the driver, the country and the category of the vehicle authorized for management are prescribed, will be suitable for presentation to the customs and traffic police officers. Standard case - Category B - for cars.

In fact, things are not always the case in individual provinces of Spain. If there is definitely enough Russian card in the capital or Barcelona, ​​in other areas the police can quibble and demand an international certificate - a white book with a photograph and information in English - International Driving Permit. To argue with law enforcement agencies is not necessary, in most cases they go towards the tourists and miss.

In order not to have a problem situation, car rentals allow the car to be rented to persons who have reached the age of 22 and have a driving experience of two years. Also, avoid meetings with local traffic cops, without violating the rules of traffic and parking, and always be with seat belts, children's chairs are obligatory for children.

Problems can arise if on a rented car the tourist got into an accident and caused injuries to third parties. If there is an insurance event, you need to immediately call the manager of the rental office and deal with him, because he issued a vehicle for the documents provided and signed the contract. Cooperation with trusted companies like SOLO Rent a Car will save problems and the situation will be resolved legally.

It is important to understand that it makes no sense to negotiate with the police independently and try to prove something to them without having a language base and knowledge of the legal norms of this state. You need to speak in Spanish or in fluent English, and then, if you get an employee who owns it. In fact, the police do not know international languages ​​in all localities.

Advantages of cooperation with famous car rentals

If you want to live freely in Spain and feel like a local resident, with a rented car it will turn out best. Ordering a service in SOLO Rent a Car, you will get such advantages:

  • Possibility to make a reservation in advance even before departure and save on tariffs;
  • To take the car in an excellent condition only last marks of a premium class and with an automatic transmission;
  • Use the services of a car concierge - take and leave the vehicle around the clock in certain places, take a couple of days or for a long time;
  • Car delivery to any point in Europe;
  • Accompaniment of the client and help in any arising problem situation on the road.

Being in a foreign country can be a pleasant adventure, remembered for a long time, if you have a reliable assistant who will give advice and direct in the right direction.

Свое дело в Испании – что включает бизнес план по прокату автомобилей

Its business in Spain - which includes a business plan for car rental

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Its business in Spain - which includes a business plan for car rental

Being an emigrant in a foreign country, the first thing they think about is what to do and where to take the revenues. It is important to pass the adaptation and learn the language, while plunging headlong into an unfamiliar environment - social and business. Own business on car rent in resort towns is an interesting idea, which attracts expected income and increased demand.

Development of business strategy

An important stage in the beginning of any project is planning, and in an unfamiliar country this is the most important period to which one must go for a long time, painstakingly studying all the subtleties of the national mentality and the peculiarities of doing business under the law. Experience comes with time, so you need to be prepared for the inevitable difficulties at first and better have a team of like-minded people and connections to successfully overcome the adaptation.

If you decide to do business in the field of car rental and have already collected enough information, you should make calculations for such items of expenses:

  • Purchase of cars and their registration;
  • Rent of office premises, including insurance;
  • Equipment for office;
  • Salary of employees;
  • Administrative costs for the organization of the enterprise;
  • Advertising budget;
  • Reserve amount.

After counting, you will know how much to calculate. Next - the case for finding funds. They usually consist of the shareholders' own capital and borrowed funds - a loan in a bank. There is an option - the search for investors and the conclusion of a contract of cooperation or partnership. Considering that you are in another country, it is advisable to find a local partner who will help not only with money, but also will help to join the business environment, share connections. If this is not possible - you can use the services of hired lobbyists who are introduced to the right circles of businessmen to make acquaintances. If there is no language knowledge, you will have to hire an interpreter.

Stages of the company's opening:

  1. Search for starting capital.
  2. Choose an office location.
  3. Business registration.
  4. Conclusion of the lease of premises and parking for own fleet.
  5. Purchase of cars and office equipment.
  6. Car registration.
  7. Hiring staff.
  8. Advertising campaign, creation of own site in different languages ​​and its promotion for the Russian audience.

Car rental services for our compatriots - tourists in Spain makes sense in the tourist regions, so there and need to open a representative office of the company. Often such offices are located right at the airports, which is convenient for travelers. They will book the machines in advance on the website according to the completed application form, selecting the appropriate variant from the photos and description.

Specificity of the industry and country

Planning to open a car rental in Spain, you need to understand all the risks associated with this matter and approach it responsibly. If you personally do not have experience in this area, you need partners, as an option - to apply to an existing company and enter into a share by organizing your own branch. The advantage of this action is a reduction in the cost of purchasing a large fleet of vehicles.

The entrepreneur must provide customers with a choice, so in his park should include different brands and classes of cars and decide on a niche - thrifty options, premium brands or mixed ones. The owner of the company should also have competent employees of the Spaniards who will deal with accounting and taxation, conduct office work and submit reports.

In the resorts to rent cars more will be in the warm season, and in winter the work will be reduced - this is the specificity of the industry. You can offer to rent a transport shuttle in small hotels in large cities, where they come more often.

The country's mentality is such that people willingly make contact with foreigners and help them in their endeavors and endeavors, but to fully understand their thinking and ways of working it is necessary to live and face reality for a while. Get used to their way of life, siestas, excuses and constant transfer of business for later, because they have a priority in a comfortable life and family.


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