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Rent a car in Spain without collateral

Traveling in Spain by car, rented - a chance to see all the delights of the popular European resort, while significantly saving. Many firms create extremely attractive conditions, for example, car rental in Spain without collateral, meeting customers at the station, transport delivery to any location. Often the proposals apply to convertibles, executive cars and even small minivans.





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How to choose the best rental company

A lot of services on the Internet offer rental, but often it is extremely difficult to make a choice. Some have accessible conditions, but a meager choice; others have a larger car park, but sky-high prices. Employees of our company SOLO rent a car made every effort to find a balance between quality and value. Separate attention is deserved by cars available in the possession of the landlord. Depending on the purposes and the finance the choice can be carried out both between small two-seater Mini One and Fiat 500, and among large and comfortable off-road cars Toyota RAV 4 or Range Rover Sport. It is also worth exploring our luxury class, the list of which includes Mercedes and Bentley. In total, the account distributor more than 20 models with the most affordable conditions in the country. Another of our features is the "full tank" service. Often, people who have received a vehicle face the need to refuel immediately after processing the documents. Especially difficult for those who visit the country or certain cities for the first time. The search for an automobile refueling can be delayed and eventually result in a call to the tow truck, and, accordingly, significant expenses for transportation to the filling station. We take care of our customers, so we pre-order. The vast majority of our models are equipped with gasoline engines, but if desired, we can also find a model on an economical diesel.


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Easy way to get a rental car

We'll figure out what you need to know if there is a desire to fly to the Kingdom for a car trip. Just a few simple steps will allow you to become the owner of the car of interest for the required period.

  1. Determine the date of the start of vacation and after buying air tickets to visit the site.
  2. Indicate where it is most convenient for you to pick up the car. Do not lose the urgency of the offer to start a lease in Barcelona or Catalonia. This will save money and time.
  3. To specify on a site the beginning and the end of hire.
  4. Go to car selection. Often we hold various promotions and arrange discounts for holidays or national holidays. Before proceeding with order confirmation, you will be able to study a list of additional offers that make car travel more convenient.



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Upon arrival at the airport, you will be waited for by the ordered vehicle and manager with a package of documents required for registration. On average, the conclusion of the contract takes 15-20 minutes.

As you can see, it is necessary to perform only five steps in order to fly to the resort, leave the airport by car, rented. Naturally, we have some requirements for a person whose signature in the contract will be in front of the item "driver". In order to make out the contract to the lessee must be at least 24 years old, the presence of Russian rights is obliged (in the territory of the European Union they act just like international ones) and a credit card. We work with any Visa, MasterCard and American Express banks.

Particular attention should be paid to age. If at the time of the lease you do not have a full 24 years, then preliminary on the site you need to select the additional service "young driver" and pay the corresponding fee. The employee will prepare an appropriate permit authorizing the use of transport. The minimum age is 21 years.

Our organization was among the first to open the possibility of renting without prepayment. But it is worth noting that in this case, the price of insurance rises. This opportunity is convenient for those tourists who wish to minimize the use of bank cards on vacation. On our cars you can travel outside of the country. This service is absolutely free, but the conditions are stipulated in advance, with the initial connection with the manager.


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Traffic rules for motorists

For guaranteed safe and quiet rest and autotravel, it is necessary to observe traffic rules. Europe is known for its serious attitude to traffic regulation and high fines. In addition to constant speed control, the driver and all passengers are required to wear seat belts. Children should be transported in special chairs or boosters. With attention, local authorities refer to the use of mobile phones. During the movement, it is strictly forbidden to talk on the mobile phone without hands-free. Machines in our fleet are equipped with systems that allow you to communicate by phone through the on-board computer, as well as GPS-navigators, in order to better navigate the terrain. When visiting the gas station all mobile equipment should be turned off. If you receive a fine, the driver gets a 50% discount if he can pay it right away.

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Rent a car in Spain without a deposit
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