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Many come to Spain to enjoy the beauty of Barcelona, ​​the beaches of Valencia, tourists arrive in Alicante, Malgrat de Mar and other cities and provinces. When planning long trips, it is necessary to provide for the moment of movement within the country. If you want to be independent from the public transport schedule, explore cultural, historical sights yourself, we recommend renting a car. The vehicle can be booked either on arrival in the country, or before, by calling the office, having arrived personally or by filling in a special order form on the official website of the company. Rent a car in Spain without a franchise is available in the company SOLO rent a car.



Rental conditions

Renting a car on vacation or business trip is the best option for those who value their own time. With us, you can save on payment by reserving a car in advance by picking up a suitable model that will be delivered in full by the due date and will remain at the agreed time at your disposal. You can order similar services without collateral.

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At the conclusion of the contract you will see a list of conditions, including the following parameters:

  • Nuances that are not included in the payment.
  • Moments that are included in the payment.
  • What is included in the basic compulsory insurance.
  • All details by car.
  • Information about tenants.
  • Place and date of receipt and return of transport.

Paying a rental, the customer makes a deposit amount that takes into account the franchise and the purchase of fuel. These finances are frozen for a certain period in bank accounts on the given card (Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted) during the operation of the vehicle, which is prescribed in the contract. The size of the deposit will depend on the type of vehicle, the particular model, its cost and class. 

If you want to make a reservation without a franchise, this is possible if you buy an additional Premium Plus insurance policy. This reception is the only option how to rent a vehicle without a mortgage. According to the feedback from regular customers, this is the best way to travel without unnecessary excitement.


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Benefits of cooperation

  • The presence in the fleet of models of any class. The assortment of our company will appeal to even the most demanding customers.
  • Guarantees and reliability. As passengers and vehicles are always insured, so we can talk about maximum safety.
  • The minimum cost, which allows you to save on expensive trips.
  • You can contact customer support 24 hours a day.
  • The firm works not only in Spanish territory, but also in other countries. The presence of rental points in different regions and districts of cities allows you to pick up and return cars as quickly as possible.
  • We approach the solution of problematic issues on an individual basis.


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Requirements and restrictions

There are two methods of renting - booking transport armor in advance on the Internet. To do this, it is enough to prescribe the date and time, the brand, the time of arrival in the city. Representatives of the company regularly on duty at railway stations, in various tourist locations. You can postpone the deal by the time you arrive. The contract can be made in just fifteen minutes. The client requires:

  • Passport passport.
  • International and national driving licenses.
  • Credit card.

The main requirement is the availability of driving experience, as well as reaching adulthood (from 21 years).

Before signing the documents, carefully study them and clarify with the representatives of the firm all the vague moments. The employees of the enterprise speak Russian, Spanish, and English. It is recommended to carefully inspect the machine, check how well the mechanisms are, and what state of the equipment. Must be present: a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, two emergency signs, a spare, a reflective waistcoat, a tow rope. If it is stipulated that the child will be present in the salon, you need to have a car seat that is exactly appropriate for age, height and weight.


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Features of Spanish traffic rules

In the state there is a system of right-hand traffic, there are own requirements, in particular, road signs differ, as well as the location of traffic lights, which are here on the stretches above the roads. It is necessary to take into account the features of parking and limited movement in various areas. In the highlands there are tunnels with high-quality coverage and lighting, some of them are paid. At checkpoints, you can find out how much you need to pay for the right of way. If you need to call an emergency service, the telephone number 112 is for the police, fire and ambulance, and 003 for the help desk.

Remember that if the traffic rules are not respected, you may face the need to pay a fine. 

On most of the roadbeds are video cameras, so information about violators is instantly transmitted to the police. According to what experienced travelers say, it is recommended to pay a fine on the spot with cash, this will help to spend up to 50 percent less money.

Contact our company if you want to use reliable road transport, stably passing technical inspections and after-sales service. The specialists working in the firm are fluent in Russian and will be able to consult every detail in detail. Please note that a rented car is the maximum freedom of movement for a comfortable and qualitative exploration of Europe. So choose us and get real pleasure and unforgettable impressions from trips.

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Очень приятное впечатление оставил ваш сервис, быстрое бронирование автомобилей, шикарный автопарк и прекрасное обслуживание
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Rent a Car in Spain without a franchise
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