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A rented car in the process of traveling is the best option for lovers of active pastime on vacation. For cost planning and scheduling in advance, we recommend you to book a car online on the website of our company SOLO rent a car. This allows you to save on costs, select the appropriate model in advance and be sure that you will receive it in Spain on time.




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Features of the order

A pledge is the amount that is blocked in a bank account when transport is received in order to keep any funds from the client in a situation where the vehicle is not delivered in the form in which it was received, it will be damaged, a traffic accident will occur, and etc.

This money is unlocked for three to seven days after the return of the vehicle, but sometimes there are certain delays. Everything depends on the particular banking institution, as a rule, the deposit can not be blocked for a period longer than one month.

The conditions for ordering a machine involve the presentation of a credit card. At the beginning of cooperation with many rolling enterprises it is indicated that they do not accept other cards. However, in a number of issuing offices they can be taken if the blocking operation is successful, ie, creditworthiness is proved. But you still run the risk of being left without a car and not getting a "wheel" for traveling abroad.

Many are wondering whether it is possible to obtain a TS without a deposit (without collateral). If there is a debit, there is a risk of encountering a refusal in the firms. In order to avoid such troubles, it is recommended to make out the above type of cards. In this way, the client comes to rent, and the bank must make the mortgage amount.

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How the service works

You draw up a card, provide it on the counter in a rental company to order a vehicle to block the deposit money. Then it is necessary to return the transport in the form in which it was taken, and the collateral finances are unlocked. If necessary, you can cancel the account if it no longer has any need.

Thus, a temporary block is made, and nothing is written off, so the operation is not perceived as a loan, so you do not really care what interest rate is taken into account to provide finance.

The question remains as to why the citizens of European countries are not even interested in the size of mortgages, turning to rent, and why they simply pick up the transport they liked at the best prices. This is due to the fact that almost all citizens of these countries have not debit, but credit. The latter implies a credit limit, which can sometimes be used. Also there are preferential terms (from forty to sixty-five days), during which the bank does not charge interest for the funds used.

Rent a Car BarcelonaLet's give a concrete case with calculations. You choose a rented model for one hundred and fifty euros, and the deposit amount is, for example, one thousand. If there is no credit card, then you need to have this thousand on your personal account to block the mortgage. This is quite a lot, but the offense is that it can not be used while traveling. Of course, it will be later unlocked, but it might be needed during the trip.

If there is a credit card with a limit of approximately 100,000 rubles, you can show it at the counter, and as a result the same thousand will be frozen, but in the ruble equivalent. It is necessary to pay attention that they are not written off, namely frozen, therefore remain on the balance sheet, you should not look at SMS messages, which often can not be distinguished by information from the write-off. As a result, the customer uses rolling services, and the payment of guarantees falls on the shoulders of financial organizations.

Our services

Is it realistic to rent a car in Spain without a credit card? No, this is a necessary nuance for making deposit money, which is withdrawn from the person making out the contract. We accept only Master Card, Visa and American Express.

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If you do not have time to make a contract before you arrive in the country, you can go to the office and get acquainted with the current offers. The company cooperates with Russian-speaking specialists who are able to provide professional advice. When signing the contract, you can see the list of conditions, including the following:

  • Parameters that are included in the payment.
  • Not included in the payment.
  • What is included in the basic compulsory insurance.
  • Details about the car.
  • Information about tenants.
  • Place and time of admission and return.

When paying for motor vehicles, it includes a franchise and the money needed for fuel. Prices depend on the type of car, its cost, class. The passenger economy version is inexpensive, and already exclusive options or van carriers designed for a large number of passengers are much more expensive.

Rent a Car BarcelonaWe can purchase services without a franchise if a person orders an additional insurance policy with a Premium Plus level. This method is the only one that allows you to draw up documents without any problems. According to regular customers, this is the right choice for those who want to travel abroad without worry.

Remember that renting a car in Spain without a credit card is almost unreal. Firms with a solid reputation and fleet, including ours, do not borrow without the main documentation from the tenant. It's about the driver's license, passport and personal accounts. When buying a Premium Plus policy, the minimum amount of money is withheld, and if it is specified in the agreement, the payment is made without a franchise at all. The absence of a mortgage is possible only if there is full coverage. In critical situations, you do not have to pay for the damage, but this should be registered by the police. If no such cases occur, then the payment is returned back.


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