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If among your vacation goals there is a trip to the coastal areas of Spain, then it is best to do it on a car, rented. This offer is especially advantageous and practical for those who need independent time planning. Most of the tourists coming to the country depend on the schedule of local excursion buses and suburban transport. Experienced travelers are advised to use the possibility of renting a car in Malaga without a franchise for trips to Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Marbella. Next, we'll explain why this is really convenient.




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Is insurance important?

Some tourists do not know what a franchise is when renting, and whether it makes sense to agree to it. So, the franchise in the world of hire of vehicles represents the insurance in case of unforeseen situations connected with road and transport incidents. At the stage of registration of the contract, in addition to payment for the selected period, the motorist on the payment card is blocked by a small amount of money. If in the process of using the car gets damaged and the insurance proves the presence of the fault of the driver of the rental car, then this money will act as a compensation for damage. But do not worry, cooperating with the proven company SOLO rent a car you can be sure - when you give the car in complete safety, the money on the paid franchise is returned to the credit card in full. The terms of return will depend solely on the bank in which the card was drawn up.


Package of required documents

In most companies, a pledge is required. Customers with a limited budget will have to save even more. We are going to meet everyone who applies for hire in our fleet. Some models of available cars you can complete without a franchise. Such a nice bonus will make the trip even more enjoyable.

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In addition to profitable conditions, our company allows you to use transport with Russian rights. An international certificate can be useful if you decide on a rented car to cross the border to visit neighboring countries. You will also need:

  • passport and visa;
  • debit or credit card.

Accordingly, if in the contract for one car several drivers will be recorded, documents for the time of registration should have everyone. The desirable age should be 24 years, and the driver's license must be issued not less than one year before the day of the lease. At the same time, the minimum age at which it is possible to manage the vehicle is 21 years. About this case it is worth to warn the manager when placing an order through our website.

Also, you should warn in advance if you need additional options, for example:

  • Wi-Fi router for high-speed Internet in the car;
  • GPS navigator (not all models contain built-in);
  • child seat or booster;
  • a luggage carrier and corresponding fastenings on a roof;
  • delivery to certain areas.


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As you can see, there are no special difficulties in renting a car for traveling. All conditions for lovers of trips to the sunniest region of Europe are created. The service offered by us and the round-the-clock support, as well as providing every need for every car is only a small part of the benefits for our customers. Cooperation with us at times more practical and safer than traveling to the Kingdom on a personal car from Russia. The long-awaited vacation is a time to relax from everyday routine, rather than idle in queues at customs points and endlessly long journeys to the ultimate goal. Fly to the country by plane and book a car profitable and comfortable.

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21.07.2019 at 21:45
Это было просто супер идеей заказать машинку с подачей в аэропорт, сразу же из корабля на бал) Очень удобно и практично!
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Rent a Car in Malaga without a franchise
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