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    Good company, only need to chase them through email for getting my deposit back. I recommends to pay for full insurance to reduce your deposit from 1750 euros to 250 euros.
    Aneeque Raza
    Solo staff were very helpful from start to finish. Had a window issue which they fixed right away. When I needed to exchange to a larger car, they handled everything timely and pro
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    I was a little nervous about renting a car because you hear a lot of bad stuff but everything went well. When I arrived at Malaga airport I called Solo and I was picked up within 1
    Fenna Veenema
    I appreciated your kindness. We will call on you as soon as we return to Spain. Thanks again for everything, the automatic transmission Nisan is excellent to drive, the only thing
    Carolina Urquizar
    My experience with SOLO was perfect. I did not make any booking prior to go to their office and Ana was really professional and efficient. We were able to get a car quick even thou
    Etienne M

    The Spanish port town of Malaga, with its ancient history and civilization, is located in the south of Spain. White sand beaches constantly attract tourists from all over the world. The Mediterranean Sea is the brightest attraction of the resort. This beach area of ​​Spain, the most visited by tourists. In the picturesque town of a large number of high-rise hotels, there are attractive historical and modern places to visit.

    Modern youth is increasingly moving to a new level of travel. Such travels do not imply the usual hotels in the all-inclusive system, these are versatile excursions covering the greater territory of familiarization. The current generation chooses the country of visit, reads about the most attractive places of the visit, book tickets, sets off. Usually, there are not many days for traveling, but I really want to know the traditions and visit the main sights. Then the car rental service comes to the rescue. Directly at the airport you will be greeted by representatives of a car rental company you choose on the Internet. They will take you to the office where you can enter into a contract for the services of the machine you like. If you do not know which organization is better to choose for renting a transport, then local people can give you various options and nuances for car rental right at the airport. Renting a car in Malaga at the airport is inexpensive. To the point of car rental from the airport go free minivans, or cheap buses.

    When renting equipment, you need to be careful when signing the contract. The language barrier may not take into account the little things that will be important during the use of the subject matter of the contract. The main point is to see whether the mileage limit of the selected transport will be checked, to check for insurance. Our company provides an opportunity to rent a car without registration, which significantly speeds up the process of paperwork.


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapRent a car is a profitable opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of the visited country in full.

    For a short period of vacation, you can see all the desired places. On the Internet in advance it is better to read the reviews of tourists about a particular museum, temple, monastery. It would be nice to choose the route of wandering, building it sequentially from one point to another.

    Those who wish to explore the Spanish resort, driving on a rented vehicle, will insure their holidays from uninteresting excursions in advance, and will visit those places that they have chosen themselves.

    Inexpensive car rental is on our website, you can book transport even before leaving for the southern country. It is convenient to book a car on the Internet, comfortable to travel and explore the country. You can book a car from anywhere in the world. On our site you can find a rental good new car and quite inexpensive. We provide rental cars with unlimited mileage, other companies allow you to use equipment with a limited mileage, usually 150 km per day.

    The Mediterranean resort is rich in bright beautiful sights to explore the best of them need a car. Rented vehicles, comfortable excursion - this is what you need during a pleasant stay.

    Unforgettable impressions of the resort and its surroundings can be obtained by planning places to visit. The most convenient way is to do it at home, quietly find the desired objects, and get a route to them on the map. Having arrived in Spain, from the airport you go to the rental center, draw up a contract of services for the car you like, pay for it and you can go on the road!


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapTraveling around Malaga in a rented vehicle will be comfortable, with air conditioning. You don’t have to pay for someone else to the hotel, you immediately manage your vacation yourself, you don’t have to depend on excursion flows, groups. Independent tours are better, you are free and independent from the general crowds of holidaymakers. You can quickly, for 3-4 days to see all the fun. Traveling with a rented "iron horse" is much more comfortable, only your family travels, and you plan your day trips yourself.

    Malaga is a major Spanish port, famous for trade and port. The production of cement, wine and textiles is developed. Picasso, Antonio Banderas were born here.

    Many ancient buildings with traditional Spanish architecture can be visited during the holidays. The founders of the ancient city are the Phoenicians. They gave the name of the city of Queen - Malaga. Previously, it was the center of trade of the Roman Empire. From here wines, almonds and silks went to the Italian provinces.

    Very beautiful marvelous views of the sea, the architecture of Spain. In the summer, spring, it's nice to wander through the green streets, to consider the buildings. The city center is famous for an establishment that deserves attention. City Hall of Malaga - an interesting architectural structure, built in the 20s of the 20th century. This is the creation of the masters M. Vera and F. Strachan, a modern government building, where meetings and meetings take place.


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapA stay in the Spanish resort will be decorated with such excursions as:

    • Botanical Garden;
    • Malagueta Beach
    • Roman theater;
    • Fortress of the Kings of Alcabas;
    • Church Iglescia de Santo Cristo;
    • Museums of the city;
    • Cathedral;
    • Bishop's Palace;
    • Museum of Glass and Crystals;
    • Automotive Museum.

    Botanical Garden

    A walk through the botanical garden will bring pleasure to your entire company. The garden is located in the northern part of the city. A collection of amazing plants intertwined with architectural buildings. The park was created 150 years ago, the couple Jorge, Amalia - its founders. Traveling around the world, a couple saw plants of unprecedented beauty, decided to gather them in one place, to bring nature to people. Later, the garden became the property of another family, which to this day represents more and more new plants from different parts of the world (China, South America). Now there are growing about 3,000 species of plants. The garden is skillfully complemented by ponds and fountains. Their inhabitants are ducks, swans, various types of fish. There is always pleasant music.


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapMalagueta Beach

    Holidays at sea must also be present in the plans for a trip to Malaga. Visit on a rented “iron horse” the wonderful beach of the city of Malagueta. The beach is wide, well maintained, it is loved by tourists. The beach area is equipped with playgrounds, bars and rental stations of water transport. Palm oases on the beach are designed for shade, shelter visitors from the scorching sun.

    On your own transport is convenient to get to the Roman Theater.

    In 1951, excavations and fragments of the theater were discovered during the restoration of the House of Culture. Now you can see the natural stands and theater scenes. In summer, the stage of the old theater is not empty, theatrical performances are held. The ruins of the Roman theater take us into an era of the past.


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapSpanish history will complement the visit to the Fortress of Alcabasa. Arab building towers on the mountain, above the sea. A lot of tangled streets, well-groomed territory with palm trees and bright colors, fountains - all this in the courtyard of the fortress. Previously, the fortress stood out on land as a beacon for ships. It was repeatedly destroyed during wars, although double walls were built. Now from the courtyard of the fortress offers a beautiful sea view, visitors love being photographed here against the backdrop of seascapes.

    Spirit food can be obtained at the Church of Iglescia de Santo Cristo. The walls of the church are painted with the silhouettes of the holy martyrs. The dome of the temple is made in an unusual style, a kind of image of I. Christ is present at the altar. Sculptor Pedro de Mena is buried in this temple.

    The cultural heritage of the city can be viewed in the museums of the visual arts and the Archaeological.

    Impressive visit to the Cathedral. The huge size of the temple, marble chair, two organs in the temple.


    Rent a Car in Malaga airport cheapThe main majesty of the city is the Bishop's Palace. It is a 3-storey building. Balconies, stairs, intricate transitions - everything returns us to the era of the Bishop when visiting this building. A large amount of funds was invested in the architecture of the building. Believers come here for blessing and spiritualization. Inside the building you can visit the Diocesan Museum. On the 3rd floor of the building is a statue of the Holy Virgin.

    The Modern Museum of Glass and Crystal has assembled an amazing collection of glass and metal objects. This institution is private property G. Fernandez-Prieto.

    Of the modern attractions in Malaga, the Automobile Museum is also popular. A collection of more than 100 types of cars, retro cars. Men will especially like to get acquainted with the Spanish car heritage - Cadillacs, Rolls-Royces, Benkley, Ferrari. Presented cars that can ride on the water, it is their fuel.

    A visit to Spain on a rented vehicle will delight you, your company. Roads in Spain are good. Rent a car in Malaga at the airport cheap. The approximate cost of a rented car per day is about 20 euros. Hire of equipment presents to visitors practically new cars with low mileage, which makes the trip even more pleasant.

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