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    Good company, only need to chase them through email for getting my deposit back. I recommends to pay for full insurance to reduce your deposit from 1750 euros to 250 euros.
    Aneeque Raza
    Solo staff were very helpful from start to finish. Had a window issue which they fixed right away. When I needed to exchange to a larger car, they handled everything timely and pro
    Bret Burnett
    I was a little nervous about renting a car because you hear a lot of bad stuff but everything went well. When I arrived at Malaga airport I called Solo and I was picked up within 1
    Fenna Veenema
    I appreciated your kindness. We will call on you as soon as we return to Spain. Thanks again for everything, the automatic transmission Nisan is excellent to drive, the only thing
    Carolina Urquizar
    My experience with SOLO was perfect. I did not make any booking prior to go to their office and Ana was really professional and efficient. We were able to get a car quick even thou
    Etienne M

    Minibus hire in Malaga

    A minibus is a fairly functional vehicle. Modern models meet all the requirements and allow us to solve the problem of transportation of a large company. Such models have small dimensions, while remaining very convenient and quite roomy. That is why their rental in Malaga and beyond is quite popular. Minibuses are in demand among tourists who came to rest with a large family. 

    Benefits of Minibuses

    • The most important thing is the size and comfort of the cabin. Such a car solves all the travel problems of a large company. Climate control system, comfortable seats for long trips, a roomy trunk and other pleasant things.
    • Big choice. Our customers will be able to choose 7+ cars of brands Mercedes, Opel, Nissan and even Range Rover.
    • Saving. It will definitely save the budget of tourists, as renting a bus is cheaper than constantly using the services of public transport, taxi and group tours, the cost of which is often overpriced. Fuel consumption is relatively low.
    • A rented car can be used to move around the city, travel along the coast, travel to other cities and regions of Spain. It is practically impossible to do this with a large company, since it is difficult to buy train or bus tickets. Another plus - you will not need to adapt to the schedule of excursions and public transport.

    Why you can use a minibus:

    • Meet the delegation of business partners or customers.
    • Organize a group vacation.
    • Take your family out of town or to an amusement park.
    • Take company employees to a corporate event, business meeting, seminar.
    • Use for transporting guests at family events: weddings and anniversaries.

    Benefits of renting with SOLO

    Minibus hire in MalagaWe offer our customers the most favorable conditions on the Costa del Sol.

    • Full transaction transparency. No hidden fees, no doubtful clauses in the contract. All tariffs and rules are available on our website.
    • We will meet you at the airport or at the station by reservation.Your plane is delayed? Do not worry, we track flights! You do not have to go to the office and stand in line: our manager will prepare a package of documents in advance. Registration takes 5 minutes!
    • Own car fleet, more than 200 cars. We offer only new cars in perfect condition luxury and premium at an affordable price. You will receive a technically sound and clean minibus with a full tank and with all necessary components according to the rules of the road. Choose from premium brands: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Alfa Romeo, Range Rover, Maserati, etc.
    • Individual service. We speak the language of customers and take into account all the needs of tourists and guests of the country that may arise on the road.
    • We offer convenient rates that allow you to rent a car with and without an excess fee.

    What you need to know in Spain

    Minibus hire in MalagaWhen traveling you should be familiar with local traffic rules. The insurance does not cover the fines that the driver will receive, including the payment of the penalty area. Despite the fact that the Spanish police are condescending to visitors, ignorance of some of the nuances of traffic rules can be very expensive.

    1. In order to drive a vehicle, you must have international driving licence, which you can get in your country.
    2. If you became a resident, then a driver’s license must be replaced with an internal one no later than half a year later.
    3. SDA in Spain in general is similar to other countries, but there are some nuances that you should know.
    4. The maximum driving speed in the village is 50 kilometers per hour. Exceeding up to 10 km / h is not critical, but it is better not to do this on camera or near posts.
    5. Separately, the topic of intersections is worth highlighting: a left turn or a U-turn is not carried out as most people are used to. All major intersections are circular (rotunda) and require knowledge of the order of movement along them, otherwise you provoke an emergency.
    6. Spaniards love to build one-way roads (sometimes 3-5 to each other). Of course, it is convenient and safe if you are passing by, but if you need to get to one of them and you have driven, got confused or could not park due to lack of space, you will have to go a new circle.
    7. There are many bicycles and motorcycles in Spain. As elsewhere, both of them believe that they have privileges on the road. Be vigilant and do not count on the fact that they know the rules and give way to you.
    8. Minibus hire in MalagaIt’s best not to go yellow through the intersection. Motorcyclists and some drivers are very impatient, and prefer to start not when they light up green, but when you light up yellow. As a result, it is very easy to run into someone.
    9. Penalties for violation are high and reach 600 Euro. But, if you pay within two weeks from the date of receipt, the state will make you a 50% discount. Here is such a nice bonus. They can be fined a car (insurance, malfunction, parking in a prohibited place) or a driver (speeding).
    10. We do not recommend giving money to a policeman in the hope of getting rid of a fine. You can try to persuade not to write a violation, since you are a tourist and simply made a mistake.
    11. You will have to fasten your seatbelt and use a baby car seat or booster when traveling with children.
    12. Talking on the phone while driving here is very strictly forbidden.
    13. Traffic signs are often painted right on the road.
    14. Stay alert and do not rely on other drivers to respect the driving culture.
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