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    I was a little nervous about renting a car because you hear a lot of bad stuff but everything went well. When I arrived at Malaga airport I called Solo and I was picked up within 1
    Fenna Veenema
    I appreciated your kindness. We will call on you as soon as we return to Spain. Thanks again for everything, the automatic transmission Nisan is excellent to drive, the only thing
    Carolina Urquizar
    Very good car rental company in Malaga with feasible prices, clear communication and detailed explanation for rental conditions, no cheating attempts which is quite likely to be fa
    Picked up by SOLO in airport to the office few minutes away. Everything runs smoothly and the return is fast too. Satisfied with the price/performance. Only 10 days is a bit long
    Victor To
    Great car rental company. Very clear communications from start to finish. Great prices and great options for the all inclusive package with extra miles. Would highly recommend. Wil
    Paul Jevons

    Cheap minibus rental

    What could be better, to gather a large group of friends or the whole family, for an exciting trip to Spain. Without a vehicle can not do. Cheap minibus rental is exactly what you need.

    Minivan rental today is a very popular service. Modern cars accommodate many passengers and are very comfortable. A great opportunity to make a trip with a group or the whole family. They are designed for different number of places, usually 8 - 20 people.

    In order to make your trip as comfortable as possible and without problems, please contact our company. We have been working in this field for many years and will find the best option for you.

    Traveling around the colorful corners of the Iberian Peninsula without a roomy car is possible, but your whole family can be “scattered” in different cars and suffer other inconveniences. Public transport is costly and impractical. You cannot share your impressions on the go. And what can be seen from the train window? Almost nothing.


    Cheap minibus rentalYou will be able to independently choose from us a modern means of transportation. Any model and brand at your service. They can be equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, stereo, multimedia system, electric kettle, and even with a bathroom. Parents of young children will appreciate these benefits. Even for adults, such conditions are comfort on the road and there is no need to be distracted by any domestic problems.

    Our service can be used not only by tourists, but also by citizens living in Spain. For example, to meet guests from the airport or to organize excursions. Taxi is completely inappropriate, you need to take several cars, and one minivan will be enough.

    Situations are different and individual, when you need a roomy car. And buying a new one will be much more expensive than a temporary lease. In this case, our company will help you.

    Consider in advance what kind of minibus you want, which should be included in the cabin package. What time is right for you. How many people should fit, but so as not to create discomfort.

    We have been successfully operating in the service market for many years, and have gained an excellent reputation among customers. If you contact us once, we assure that in the future you will cooperate only with us.


    Cheap minibus rentalWe offer our customers:

    • Modern cars with good equipment.
    • Special prices, including discounts, if you place an order from the site.
    • Our cars are always in excellent technical condition.
    • Quick registration, then you can choose a suitable car and make a reservation.
    • Large fleet. Therefore, it is not difficult to find the best for you. With all the needs.

    Details about all our offers:

    • We provide local residents and tourists long-term and short-term rental.
    • Affordable prices.
    • Premium and economy class vehicles are presented.
    • In addition to minivans, it is possible to take SUVs, family coupes and sports.
    • If in addition to a minibus, you need a sedan or jeep, we are at your service!

    Car brands in our park:

    Nissan, Mini, Fiat, Opel, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and others, for every taste and request.

    All of them have passed the technical condition check and diagnostics, have an automatic transmission. This ensures safe and comfortable movement. On the road, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.


    Cheap minibus rentalOur advantages:

    • Service works in Russian and Spanish.
    • Large and modern fleet.
    • Individual approach to the wishes and needs of the client.
    • Flexible and affordable rental terms with a deductible.
    • No hidden fees and taxes.
    • Affordable for everyone.

    Our site provides a functional search system. You just need to enter the necessary data, such as:

    • City.
    • Dates (start and end of rental).
    • The time at which to prepare and deliver the vehicle for you.
    • Brand and view.

    Then click the button “search for offers”. And you get the best option for you.

    You can rent a car in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Gibraltar, Marbella, Madrid.

    Bonus program

    • Up to 30 euros for the first trip.
    • 10 percent from the first order of your friends who came through your special link.
    • 10% return to your account after making a reservation.

    You can place an order and get a vehicle anywhere in the country. It is enough to indicate the address in the application, and we will deliver the car at the specified time. Feel all the benefits of renting, you can fully if you contact our company.


    Cheap minibus rentalCooperation with us is:

    • Safety and reliability of the vehicle.
    • Freedom and absolute comfort in movement.
    • Independence from guides and their programs.
    • Independent route planning.
    • Do not worry about buying a train or bus ticket. Especially if you are 8-10 people in a group.
    • There is no reason to worry how to get to the desired point.
    • Do not depend on travel time and public transport schedules.
    • A big company is a lot of bags, suitcases, backpacks and other things. No need to carry them along. Download all the large luggage compartment auto-minibus and go!
    • If you are on holiday with children, then you just can't do without your transport. Children love to be naughty and capricious, they will not be able to sit still for a long time. You will need to make a stop. Trains and buses are completely inappropriate options.
    • You can stop at any town you like, have a picnic, drink coffee at a roadside cafe. See the sights and coloring.
    • In any city to stay as long as you want. Easy walk through the fortresses, monuments of architecture, swim in the sea. Do not look at the clock, afraid to be late for the train and so on.
    • It is difficult to discipline a large team that is on vacation, to gather everyone and get on the bus. With your car you have complete relaxation and pleasure from traveling.
    • On our reliable cars, you can drive to the most remote parts of the Kingdom. Expand geography - see how they live in France and Portugal.
    • Dispose of time at your own discretion. Change locations - Mallorca, the sea coast of the Costa Dorada, del Sol, Brava, the Basque Country and much more.


    Cheap minibus rentalThe roads in Spain are in excellent condition. They are:

    • Free, which is more interesting and more beautiful. Need to go through the city, mountains, beaches, restaurants and attractions. To move on them significantly slower than on paid. The speed is limited to 50-70 kilometers per hour, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights. Also the presence of permanent circles, which you quickly get used to.
    • Paid with a speed limit of 120 km/h, but drivers squeeze 200. Better, follow the rules and drive at an acceptable speed. The fines here are very high. Why put yourself at risk. The cost of about 50 euros for 500-600 km. Everywhere individually, it is necessary to clarify the information.

    If you want to go to Andorra, there will have to move through the tunnel 5 km, the price is only 19 euros. Distance overcome in 3 minutes. Free will take 2.5 hours with detours on a mountain winding serpentine, at a speed of 40 km/h.

    Which way to choose, what to use is up to you. With us you will make your vacation truly fascinating and comfortable. High quality service and many years of successful work experience, confirmed by numerous reviews of grateful customers. We have an excellent reputation, you can yourself appreciate the high professionalism of our team.

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    07.08.2019 at 16:24
    Очень удобный у вас прокат автомобилей, быстро можно подобрать интересующую марку автомобиля и оформить аренду легко и просто!
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    Cheap minibus rental
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