Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport

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    Good company, only need to chase them through email for getting my deposit back. I recommends to pay for full insurance to reduce your deposit from 1750 euros to 250 euros.
    Aneeque Raza
    Solo staff were very helpful from start to finish. Had a window issue which they fixed right away. When I needed to exchange to a larger car, they handled everything timely and pro
    Bret Burnett
    I was a little nervous about renting a car because you hear a lot of bad stuff but everything went well. When I arrived at Malaga airport I called Solo and I was picked up within 1
    Fenna Veenema
    I appreciated your kindness. We will call on you as soon as we return to Spain. Thanks again for everything, the automatic transmission Nisan is excellent to drive, the only thing
    Carolina Urquizar
    My experience with SOLO was perfect. I did not make any booking prior to go to their office and Ana was really professional and efficient. We were able to get a car quick even thou
    Etienne M

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport

    Travel Spain comfortably - rent a car. With SOLO Rent a Car, renting a premium car for a few days or a long period is easy. A simple booking procedure and open payment terms make it easy to plan your budget and find cheap car rental options at Malaga airport, company office or any other place convenient for tourists.

    What are the benefits of owning a car?

    Those who at least once rented a car know that this is the only way a tourist or a guest of the country will be able to realize all the ideas and dreams of a “perfect vacation”. The following possibilities open for you:

    • There is no need to adjust to the public transport schedule. You can go in the right direction at any time without contacting a large number of people at bus stops, train stations and buses.
    • It’s definitely cheaper and more convenient than using a taxi every time.
    • You will see and be in time 5 times more. Your route will be unique and individual, you can visit places inaccessible to others, take photos of exclusive views of the coast and go wherever you want. The entire modern Costa del Sol coast, Gibraltar, the white villages and the Moorish cities of Andalusia will reveal their secrets.
    • Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 1Have you come to Malaga on business? In this case, the car is a mandatory attribute that will allow you to catch all business meetings and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

    Why do tourists choose SOLO?

    We are proud of our experience and reputation. 95% of our customers recommend us to their friends and relatives as an honest and responsible company with a good fleet.

    Our advantages:

    • We can meet you right at the airport of Malaga. The manager will bring ready-made documents, the signing of which will take no more than 5 minutes. This is a great opportunity to save time, not to wait for registration in our office and not to look for a transfer.
    • Do you need a car elsewhere? It's not a problem! At your service delivery to any city in Spain at a special rate.
    • Our fleet consists of more than 200 first-class cars in perfect condition, among which there are SUVs, sports cars and family cars.
    • We are against hidden payments and other pitfalls. Everything is fair and open with us. You can choose the tariff, insurance conditions, rental with or without a franchise, and find out the cost of any additional service right on the site when booking.
    • Have a problem? Is your flight delayed or is it not possible to return the car to the company office? We offer an individual approach to solve any situation. It is important for us that your visit leaves only the best impressions, so there are flexible options in the price list. For example - renting out of office during office hours, delivery or return at any convenient place, the “Roadside Assistance” service, which involves advisory support and urgent replacement of the vehicle if necessary 24/7.

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 2Rent terms

    In order to draw up a contract, you must present to our employee the following documents:

    • Booking confirmation voucher (in paper form)
    • Passport, ID or Residence Permit for all who will be indicated as a driver.
    • Rights of an international standard, consistent with domestic law - also for everyone who plans to drive. Their shelf life should exceed the rental period.
    • Customer's bank card with an expiration date that is one month longer than the service expiration date.

    Please note that if your driving experience is less than 24 months or at the time of signing the contract you are not yet 25 years old, then only the “All inclusive” tariff is available to you. You can familiarize yourself with the full list of rules and tariffs on our website in the section “General rental conditions”.

    Malaga Airport

    Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol is the fourth airport in the country in terms of passenger traffic with an annual capacity of more than 13 million tourists and visitors.

    The location is very convenient and quite close to the city - only 8 kilometers.

    There are only three terminals at the airport: T1, T2, T3.

    • Terminal T1 is the old building of the complex, which now houses check-in counters and waiting rooms. Departure or arrival here are not carried out.
    • T-2 is named after the artist Pablo Picasso and younger than T1 (launched in 1991), but is used to serve exclusively low-cost airlines.
    • T3 is the modern and largest of their terminals, opened in 2010. It serves major operators and most international flights. There is a first-aid post, and all the necessary services, such as tax free refunds, currency exchange and an information service for tourists. An online display board with flight information is installed in each waiting room.

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 3Discover Andalusia with SOLO

    Andalusia is a large autonomous region in southern Spain. It is rich in beautiful mountain, river and sea landscapes. From the 8th to the 15th centuries, Andalusia belonged to the conquerors of the Moors, thanks to which a huge number of incredible monuments of Moorish architecture were preserved in its cities. Malaga is the second largest city after its capital, Seville, and the largest resort of the Costa del Sol. From there we recommend you head to:

    Alhambra Palace, Granada (Calle Real de la Alhambra). The grand royal palace, which during the rule of the caliphate was the residence of the authorities. Lush gardens, exquisite fountains, openwork arches, palace towers and art carvings on the facades of marble, stone and alabaster. This building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a prime example of Moorish architecture.

    Seville Cathedral (la Catedral de Sevilla). The title of Europe’s largest Gothic cathedral is no less impressive than its panorama. Stained glass windows, carved sculptures and treasures that are stored there amaze even sophisticated tourists. For its decoration, gold won in America and Colombia was used, and in the halls paintings by Murillo and Velazquez hang and the Library of Columbus is stored. Incidentally, Seville Cathedral is the first burial place of the discoverer of America. The whole complex is also under the protection of UNESCO.

    Carnival in Cadiz (Carnaval de Cádiz, early March). The scope of festivities in Cadiz can only be compared with Rio de Janeiro or Venice - they last as long as 10 days. Incidentally, it was from there in the 16th century that the Spaniards, actively trading with the Venetians, borrowed the tradition of the holiday. But, the local population slightly adjusted the program, focusing on humor and a satire of power. Residents love their carnival so much that they prepare for it in 9-10 months: they sew costumes, build figures, compose music and new songs.

    • Mesquita, the cathedral mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita Cordoba).
    • At the same time, the largest mosque and temple in the world.
    • Includes 12 wonders of Spain.
    • 856 columns made of marble, granite, jasper and onyx.

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 4This is the only mosque reminiscent of the times of Muslim rule in the country. In the courtyard you can find an orange garden worthy of special admiration. If you manage to visit here in April, you can see its flowering.

    Royal Trail in Malaga El Caminito del Rey. The best place for extreme lovers is the path leading through the El Chorro gorge to the dam on the reservoir, which was built in the early 20th century. It was named so because the King of Spain himself bravely walked along it after the construction was completed. Get ready for scenic views, dangerous paths and suspension bridges that swing with every breath of wind.

    Seville Alcázar (Reales Alcázares de Sevilla). The fortress palace, preserved from the time of the rule of the caliphate, was first the residence of the caliph, and then the Spanish kings. The Alcazar was rebuilt several times, so it incorporated the best of the Moorish and European styles: skillful carvings, exquisite paintings, gardens with fountains and tapestries.

    Picasso Museum in the Royal Palace of Buenavista in Malaga. Did you know that this city is the birthplace of the famous artist? The king of Spain has specially provided one of his residences to organize a museum in the place where the genius was born. Not so many of his works are presented here: about 200 pieces, including sculptures and ceramic products. Most of the collection was transferred by the Picasso family along with his photographs, documents, books and correspondence.

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 5Seville April Fair (Feria de Abril). This is another lush and vibrant festival where you can discover most of the cultural traditions of Andalusia and try the real local cuisine. You will definitely have to learn the movements of Sevillan’s dance and treat yourself to sherry (fortified wine) and watch real bullfights - bullfighting, without which, unlike Catalonia, not a single holiday in this region can do. Treat yourself to local dishes: gazpacho, tortilla, pescaito frito (fried fish) and tapas (snacks served in all establishments to alcohol). Feria de Abril is a whole week of fun from Monday to Sunday.

    Caves of Nerja (Cuevas de Nerja). Go to the town of Nerja for another “Spanish wonder of the world." These caves were accidentally discovered in 1959 by a group of young people. After they reported their findings to the local authorities, a real study began. As a result, scientists found passages and galleries whose total area exceeds the size of 5 football stadiums. This is where the world's largest stalactite is located, whose length is 32 meters. Thanks to acoustics, concerts and music festivals are often held in caves; one of the halls is even specially equipped for these purposes.

    White villages of the province of Cadiz (Pueblos blancos). Another bright attraction, available to our customers, as you can get to the locations only by the way, taxi or rented car. These villages, like everything in the region, are another monument to the reign of the Moors. They were completed by mercenaries Berbers from North Africa, who at the end of the 11th century fled to the hills from Christians who decided to return their territories. Famous white houses were painted in such a way so that they did not overheat.

    Medina Azahara, Cordoba. This is not just a palace built by the caliph of the city in the 10th century, but an entire treasure city and a symbol of wealth. Due to the fact that all the treasures and works of art were brought here over the centuries, it became known as the Second Versailles. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the caliphate, the monumental complex was destroyed. But even the ruins of the treasury make it clear about the extent of the wealth of the once powerful empire.

    Cheap car hire at Malaga Airport photo 6Sacromonte, Granada (Gypsy Quarter and Abadia del Sacromonte Abbey). What could be unusual in the gypsy quarter? In the 16th century, everyone who fled the persecution of Christian authority found refuge on Mount Sacromonte. They did not have money, so they had to equip houses in the caves. Amazingly, some Spanish gypsies still live in them, having equipped their housing with all possible amenities.

    Right in the caves you can visit the bright flamenco show, and rising just above the quarter, see the Sacromonte Abbey, get acquainted with the history of the first Christians and take a walk through the dungeons of the temple.

    27 kilometers of beaches in Marbella. One of the most prestigious resorts on this part of the coast is Marbella. In total there are 26 sandy and pebble beaches, and 2 of them are reserved specifically for pets. Along the coastline stretches the promenade - a six-kilometer promenade area that leads to the most elite port of Andalusia - Puerto Banus. This part of Marbella is called the Golden Mile.

    Of course, this is not a complete list of all the attractions. In Andalusia there are many more. The region is considered one of the most colorful and culturally rich in the country, and the Mediterranean coast is among the top lovers of beach holidays.

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