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Bank card for Car rental | SÓLO

Bank card for Car rental

Spending holidays with family or friends in Spain is a wonderful option. There are many interesting sights and beaches in the country. This country is also quite profitable in financial terms. In the past few years, convenient services for card-sharing have become very popular. Rental - a popular service for modern travelers who are bored with standard offers from tour operators. Not only Spain, but also many other members of the European Union provide cars of any class on favorable terms.

In general, the following is required from motorists:

  • age from 21 years;
  • Driving experience more than two years;
  • international rights;
  • identification;
  • A bank card.

In different cases, this list can be supplemented, but the minimum looks exactly like this. The remaining nuances are repeatedly specified when communicating with employees in the process of booking. Most travelers pay special attention to the latter point. Do not waste time and find out why you need your card and why debit is not the best option.


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Why do I need a card and why exactly a credit card?

The card for the rental office is a kind of guarantee that if during the operation of the car there are unforeseen problems due to the fault of the driver, he can at least partially cover the costs. It would be logical to leave a national or international passport as collateral, but in practice a person who is abroad requires a personal document. Yes, and should take into account the fact that not everyone would be willing to sacrifice their passport for an exchange on the car, even temporarily. The company that received the information can not dispose of it without the tenant's knowledge, this information is specified in the contract. With accurate driving without an accident, traffic violations or other nuances prescribed in the documents, the owner may not worry about the money available on his balance sheet. If something happens, the distributor will be able to withdraw the necessary amount only after a thorough investigation, to which the insurance service and local law enforcement agencies are connected.

When renting, the client provides access to the balance sheet, from which the payment for the basic and additional options is charged. If you follow all agreements, do not violate the SDA and do not damage the vehicle, then at the end of the obligations, the amount is unlocked and money can be used, as you wish. However, there are exceptions, under which an assurance is not necessary. Often enough to pay for full insurance. The truth is not always the cost of insurance is comparable to collateral. And if the motorist is 100% sure of his abilities, then the opportunity to return collateral money is much more attractive than leaving forever with several hundred spent on a safety deposit.


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It is recommended before traveling to attend to registration for personal use of credit cards, even if there is already a debit card in the presence. The differences between the two common species include the following:

  • Limit size - when ordering a credit card, it is immediately negotiated with the manager, and in case of excess, the commission is often increased. On debit there is a so-called overdraft, however its repayment is often unprofitable because of high interest;
  • Debit loans are easier to obtain, but often they can be used only in the region of registration;
  • Money on the debit belongs to the owner, and on the credit - to the bank.

The last point is especially important when renting a car. Often, tourists prepare for travel a certain amount with the expectation of a transfer, accommodation, car and leisure expenses. Accordingly, if the distributor blocks the security deposit on the debit, its owner will lose this money at the time of the holiday. In the case of a credit card, the pledge will not affect the budget in any way.

By the way, you can still try to use the debit, but only if it meets certain requirements.Bank card for car rental foto 5 Carcher will accept the plastic in accordance with certain standards:

  • a registered and embossed card (all data on it is not printed, but printed using embossing technology);
  • minimum level - Visa Classic;
  • there are no debit labels.

Default credit cards have all these elements, so managers do not have questions at the stage of processing documents. Nevertheless, if you are not sure that the whole trip is enough money - order a credit card at your favorite bank.



Ruble or foreign currency account

Another issue that worries novices who have not previously rented transport in European countries is in what currency to issue a credit card. There is no unambiguous answer to this question, because only the current exchange rate is taken into account when freezing. Simply put, if your account is ruble and the day the contract is signed, a sum equivalent Bank card for car rental foto 3to 1000 euros is blocked on it at the exchange rate, then after returning the car you will receive exactly this money.

In order to greatly simplify stay abroad, you can connect an additional account in your currency to your plastic. Thus, being on the territory of the Russian Federation, you will be debited from rubles, and in Spain - euros. This trick will get rid of the waste of time and nerves for calculating funds and converting.

Why you can not pay with cash

There is no legislative ban on the use of cash for rent or transport services. Despite this fact, almost any landlord has a contract prohibiting payment in cash. The absence of such a system would greatly complicate firms' relationships with customers.

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Bank card for Car rental
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