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This Agreement contains all the terms and conditions of participation in the SOLO rent a car Bonus Program.

A. Registration in the Program:

To participate in the Bonus Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”), the user must register on the site solorentacar.com and confirm the validity of their contact details (e-mail and phone). Confirmation of an e-mail is carried out by sending a registration link to the user's e-mail. Confirmation of the number is carried out by sending SMS to the number that the user specified.

B. Participation in the program:

After registration, SOLO rent a car will provide the Program Member with:

  • Unique internet hyperlink to SOLO rent a car website. With its help, the Program Participant can attract other clients to the SOLO rent a car website and receive rewards for their completed trips in the form of replenishing the Program Participant’s bonus balance.
  • Remuneration for registration in the form of replenishment of the bonus balance of the Program Participant;
  • Remuneration for completed trips in the form of replenishment of the Program Participant’s bonus balance.

The bonus balance can be spent only on payment for booking a car from SOLO rent a car, but in the amount of not more than 50% of the total amount.

C. Terms and Conditions for attracting new customers through a hyperlink:

Clients who, during the term of this agreement, visit the SOLO rent a car website, follow the Program Participant's hyperlink, and during a visit to the SOLO rent a car website, make a car booking will be called "Partner Customers".

SOLO rent a car replenishes the Program Participant’s bonus balance in the amount based on the actual amount received from the Partner client for providing the ordered services. If you cancel the reservation, or identify frauds with credit cards and other illegal actions, the commission is not paid. The Program Participant Bonus Balance is replenished automatically after the successful completion of the trip of the Partner Client. SOLO rent a car replenishes the Program Participant Bonus Balance only if the Partner client actually went to the company's website and made a reservation using the provided hyperlink.

SOLO rent a car provides members of the Program with online statistics on all Bonus accruals. Statistics is available in the Program Member's Personal Account.

The Program Participant agrees that SOLO rent a car may refuse to provide support to Partner clients, if it considers it reasonable.

D. Representation and Warranty:

Program Member guarantees:

  • That he will not take part in a “spamming” list containing a link to, or (directly or indirectly) pointing to the SOLO rent a car.
  • That he will not provide any guarantees on behalf of SOLO rent a car, or regarding the products and services provided by SOLO rent a car.
  • That, with the exception of the publication of the provided links from SOLO rent a car, it will not use the SOLO rent a car trademark, URL name or other company decals without prior written permission obtained from SOLO rent a car.
  • That he does not use the name "SOLO rent a car" (or any other derived name from the given name) or the name of the partner companies SOLO rent a car rental, as part of the PPC keywords.
  • That he will not copy or attempt to create a similar copy of the SOLO rent a car website, thus trying to create the impression that any website of the Participant of the Program is managed by SOLO rent a car; or copy information from the SOLO rent a car website.
  • That he will not use the client’s personal data provided by SOLO rent a car for purposes other than checking the amount of the commission.

E. Terms of agreement:

This agreement is valid for 3 years from the date of confirmation of the request for participation in the program. The agreement will be automatically renewed every year, unless the parties come to another agreement, at least one month before the next expiration of the agreement.

SOLO rent a car may indefinitely terminate this agreement by notifying it by e-mail if the Program Participant was suspected of not complying with the guarantees specified above.

Each of the parties may terminate the validity of this agreement, in the event of a violation by one of the parties, with prior notice to the other party 15 days in advance.

F. Changes:

We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time and without giving reasons, with a notice of change or with the publication of new conditions on our website. Changes may include, for example, a change in the proposed redirection fee, a change in the system for calculating commissions and bonuses, payment conditions, etc. If the changes you make are not acceptable to you, you can terminate this contract. Your continued participation in the Bonus Program and the use of its tools after the announcement of the changes made, automatically means your acceptance and acceptance of these Changes.

G. Limitation of Liability:

We are not liable for direct or indirect damage (data loss, revenue) directly or indirectly related to this agreement, even if we are told the possibility of such losses.

H. Deviation of Responsibility:

We do not provide any guarantees and do not protect the interests of other parties involved in this affiliate program and other products sold under the program. In addition, we do not guarantee that the system of our site works without failures and does not contain errors.

We do not assume any responsibility for possible negative consequences associated with the failure of our site. You acknowledge that you have carefully read and accepted the terms of this agreement. You also agree that we may use (directly or indirectly) reservations and customer reviews according to other rules not specified in this agreement at any time. You also agree with the fact that we manage the websites, or cooperate with websites that conduct activities similar to you and are your competitors. You have thought carefully and made an informed decision to participate in this Bonus Program.

Your decision was not based on Warranties, Feedback and Advice not specified in this agreement.

I. Language:

This Agreement is written in several languages, the parties expressly declaring that, in case of discrepancy, the text written in Spanish prevail.

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