Why to come to Nerja

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    In Andalusia, especially on the Costa del Sol, there are many interesting places that are worth visiting. Car trip is the best option for rest. The city of Nerja is a resort area and rural areas at the same time. Here there is a wild scenic nature, spacious beaches and amazing ancient caves. For the Mediterranean resorts this part of Malaga is typical, but the real charm of the beach is the big rocks and boulders that crash into it and create a unique landscape. Consider the main attractions of this town, for which you need to come here.






    Why to come to Nerja

    Ancient rock paintings and the calm atmosphere of Nerja

    For the first time people began to settle here for a very long time, the rock paintings discovered in the cave depths serve as confirmation of this. Once a prehistoric painting was discovered by local boys in the late 50s of the last century. Today travelers come here from all over the world to admire these historical evidences. Most of the sightseeing tours are related to them, a number of caves have been converted into a museum of archeology, where valuable collections are kept.

    Due to the fact that the number of tourists increases every year, more and more entertainment complexes are being built. But in Nerja and now you will not see high-rise buildings, only traditional for the Mediterranean low buildings. They stretch along the shore with narrow, long, ancient streets. A favorite place for visitors is the viewing area of ​​the "Balcon of Europe", which is located on one of the local rocks. Nearby there is a nice restaurant with glass walls, which also offer a picturesque panoramic view. In the town there are many decent institutions with an open panorama, as they tower above the sea open spaces in the rocky terrain.

    Nerja is always quiet and peaceful, an ideal choice for a family holiday. It does not have noisy clubs, but in return, choose a suitable one from the set of routes for tourists.


    Why to come to Nerja


    An interesting historical construction is a local aqueduct. Its official name is Agila, but the Spaniards and visitors are accustomed to calling it "Eagle Bridge". It is not known exactly when it was built, it was built over a deep rocky gorge. In the aqueduct there are about forty arches. It is surrounded by green hills and looks really exciting.


    One of the main advantages of this small resort area is beautiful beaches with their "zest". For example, in the Playa El Plageo in summer, various festivals and festivals are held regularly. During the day, you can safely soak up the sun under the sun and enjoy the sea in silence, and at night - dance in the open air. If you need a more comfortable atmosphere, come to Playa La Torresia. The area of ​​this beach is about three hundred meters, there is all the necessary equipment for recreation, and you can also dine in a good restaurant. In the peak of tourist activity there are always a lot of people, so it is advised to take places from the very morning. Playa El is another Nerhchas attraction. It is located in a picturesque bay about two hundred meters in length. It is surrounded by rocks, in which many years ago the Spaniards carved their homes. A number of them can be seen now, they are preserved and are unique historical locations that seek to visit vacationers.


    Towers, Cathedrals and Balcony of Europe

    Why to come to Nerja

    Several centuries ago there were many watchtowers, most of them destroyed. Today there are only two, and the most famous is the Makak tower, 12 meters high. It does not have a particular value in terms of architecture, but the Spaniards carefully take care of its preservation. There is another one called Maro, it is located on a beautiful place on the shore. The ruins of the rest can be viewed as part of various excursions.

    In the old part of the city there are several Christian churches 200-300-year-old. The observation deck "Balcony of Europe" is a real Nerkh symbol. Every day hundreds of guests try to enter it to look at the Mediterranean from a height. Once upon a time, the Arabs built a powerful fortress on this place, then it was destroyed, and in exchange a site for cannon firing was built. In the 19th century, it was destroyed, and it was used exclusively today at the end of the century. It is considered that the modern name was given to it by King Alfonso XII. The monument in his honor is located nearby.

    Over the past few decades, the town has not changed at all, but this is not a sign of a lack of development - rather that the people of Malaga honor their traditions and the usual measured way of life. Take a walk in the ancient streets, appreciate the local flavor and features of the historic district. Memories of such a Spain are guaranteed to remain with you for many years.

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    ¡El lugar asombroso para el descanso! ¡Se ha enamorado a primera vista! ¡Gracias su servicio que podía embellecer mi viaje!
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    Why to come to Nerja
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