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Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go | SÓLO

Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go

Do you know that Spain is a popular country not only for travelers, but also for those who are engaged in filming a movie? Many cult directors chose the streets of cities of this country as the locations of their films. There are amazingly beautiful old villages, nature reserves, unique deserts and pure inviting beaches, luxurious residences and medieval castles. We propose to learn more about what specific places were chosen by the directors of famous paintings. We are sure that after that you will have a desire to arrange a real "road-movie" and go on a trip by car in hospitable Spain.




Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go

Tabernas and Almeria

World filmmakers fell in love with Almeria in the form of location for their films. Not far from the resort is a semi-desert called Tabernas, which can be seen in the tapes that tell of life in the "wild west". For example, in western Sergio Leone. Here Antonioni was able to work on his dramatic opuses, Kubrick - on the world famous "Space Odyssey", and Milius - the legendary "Conan the Barbarian". Scenic landscapes of Almeria were chosen as scenery for the recently released "Penny Dreadful" series with Eva Green. The painting "Lawrence of Arabia" by Lina David, which once won a prestigious Oscar award, was created on the basis of the mock-up of the town in Jordan of the beginning of the last century, built in this region. Fans of Indiana Jones will be interested to learn that the Tabernas and Almerian species appear in one of Spielberg's films.



Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go

Catalan Adventures

Barcelona - another favorite Spanish city, in which they decided to shoot famous masterpieces of different masters of Hollywood and European film studios. The connoisseurs of the films of Almodovar, Amenabar, Woody Allen and Antonioni have a straight road here to see live on the "decorative background" of the paintings of these filmmakers. For example, in different periods for shooting, the locations of the Gothic Quarter Almodóvar were selected when he was engaged in the tape "All About My Mother", also Woody Allen, who even in the title "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" appears the capital of Catalonia, which has become practically another actor, but not the usual background. In the Gothic Quarter they selected the film for the main scenes of the "Perfumer" of Tykwer, where it was necessary to recreate the Parisian dark atmosphere of the eighteenth century.


Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go

Beauty of Sevilla

This region is one of the most cinematic in Spain, so it was chosen to create some large-scale works. In the second part of "Mission Impossible" you can see pieces of folk festivities, where the inhabitants of Seville are dressed in traditional attire. Today, almost every film-man considers it necessary for himself to watch the epic Star Wars saga. But it was here that created with the help of special effects the terrain of the planet Naboo for the filming of some scenes.

Need to say about the series "The Game of Thrones", which changed the modern concepts of cinema and became popular all over the world, since the Alcazar in Seville housed a chic residence of the Martell family, which you can see in different seasons of the show.



Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go

Other cinematographic places

The castle of Loarre is a majestic Aragonese fortress, which was approached to create a large number of "cine" scenes. But the most famous film, shot here, is considered to be the historical film "Kingdom of Heaven" from Ridley Scott.

Since we already talked about the "Game of Thrones", one can not but list other settlements and reserves, in which the episodes of the legendary show were filmed today. In addition to the Seville landscapes, viewers can consider, starting with season number five, the following:

  • Peniscope - has become the most northern town in the Bay of the Slave-traders, Mierin. The main square of Mierin, in turn, is an arena for bullfighting in Osun.
  • Navarre Park Bardenas Reales and the semi-desert Tabernas are chosen for the Dotrakian "sea".
  • Girona - the cathedral of this Catalan settlement became the "Great septa of Baylor", where the dramatic moments of many seasons of the series took place.
  • The Castle of Saint Florentina is the family estate of the Tarli family.

In Soria, a fake mock-up of Moscow in the early twentieth century was created for "Doctor Zhivago" by David Lin. It was decided to choose this place because the film was not allowed to create in the Soviet Union. Many local people took part in the formation of scenery, and in the filming process.

Valencia was chosen for the futuristic scenery of the fantastic opus "Land of the Future" by Bred Byrd. Asturias became the backdrop for the mysterious thriller action called "Shelter", which was shot here by Guillermo del Toro and Juan Bayon.

As you could see, this country is quite cinematic, so it only remains to look at the specified settlements and nature parks with your own eyes! Who knows what they will inspire you?

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Which Spanish cities were filmed in the cinema: where to go
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