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Which coast of Spain to choose for a holiday | SÓLO

Which coast of Spain to choose for a holiday

If you decide to visit the Spanish territories in the summer, you need to decide on which coast to go. If you are with children and love silence, a calm sea and sandy spit, you will be in Costa Dorada or Costa Azahar. If you are a lover of parties, luxury hotels and boutiques - in the Costa del Sol. Everything has been gathered for tourists here - from cheap economy class holidays to luxury resorts for European rich people. No matter how much you come to Spain, there is always something new here.







What attracts España

On the mainland there are 17 autonomous regions-provinces, and there are also the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. The southern mainland is divided into separate coast-costa, which belong to individual provinces. They differ in climate, features of national color, landscapes and even people and their mentality. Someone considers himself a Spaniard, who is Catalan, and others - descendants of Arab owners of the Middle Ages.

The south stretches for many hundreds of kilometers and occupies different climatic zones. On the border with France and Andorra is colder, there is similarity with the French, not many fashionable resorts. At the southern point in Andalusia, the heat as in a skillet, the scorching sun and the constant movement of tourists - this is the main difference. South-west on the border with Portugal and with access to the Atlantic is warm all year round, lack of winds in summer. Cliffs, cliffs and long wide ocean beaches - something that will be remembered by tourists.

Our compatriots like the fact that only here, like nowhere else in Europe, can we combine beach, active and informative types of pastime. And the prices are different. Unlike France, cheaper, although in no way inferior quality of service, natural beauty and a set of attractions.


What to go

If you think about which coast in Spain to choose for your holiday, you should think about how to move around the country. Arrival will be comfortable on the plane, and from there there are several ways - to look for local public transport, rent a car or follow the guide on the bus for excursions.

Sit a whole vacation near the hotel - not an option. If you come to this wonderful country, be sure to visit at least the neighborhood. And long-distance routes will be easy and fun if you use the car rental service.

You can rent a car directly at the airport upon arrival - in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Gibraltar. There are also some points near railway stations. This is convenient, since you do not have to order a transfer, and you can move freely and stop whenever you want between the points of the route you have drawn up yourself. For family travelers, this is very important. Children in separate seats are safe and comfortable, while adults enjoy the road and explore new trails.

You can order elite transport, convenience also in fast and high-quality service. Having booked in advance, you can choose the model of car that will meet the requests and wishes. New cars with automatic transmission, navigators and comfortable seats in a clean cabin - this is a high-quality comfortable vacation that can not be forgotten abroad. And now let's see where we go. Consider the map from east to west.



It is located on the very north of the Mediterranean territory, on the eastern border with France, stretches to the city of Balanez. This is the region of Catalonia with its capital in the famous Barcelona. It is here that all travelers are trying to call in to see how this land is different, which for so many years has been trying to secede from the kingdom. There is a well-developed transport network, high-quality roads to Girona, the coastal part with small hotels and budget hotels.

If you do not stay in Barça, but you want to live by the sea, you have limited means, but you have a desire to spend time in nature - go to the Costa Brava. The coast is characterized by the fact that it is covered with small pebbles, there is a developed tourist infrastructure. This is the best choice for low-cost friends, you can stay in a 3-star hotel, which will be with a high level of service and significantly different from the Turkish triples.

Costa Brava is suitable for those who intend to spend time on the move, go for walks, tours, visit the French, climb to the Pyrenees. On a rented car you can get to interesting places, saving on accommodation. The famous coastal towns include Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar.



This is a small area between the Costa Brava-Barcelona. Maresme is just being developed, and now new hotels and private sectors are being built there, this is a discovery that is still inexpensive. Sand instead of pebbles by the sea, well-equipped nets, proximity to agricultural fields with fresh fruits and vegetables all season - this is why they go to the Costa del Maresme.

You can book excursions to Catalonia and its capital, take a walk along quiet streets and embankments, enjoy the peace and natural scenery. Stay in Santa Susana or Calela.

Costa de Garraf

Costa de Garraf refers to the Maresme, known for its bohemian resort - Sitges, stretches to Cubellas. Mountains with a sandy foot resting on the sea, picturesque views, bays and local settlements - distinguishes it from other areas. You will see an abundance of small hotels, residential quarters and rental equipment for surfing, which visitors from here in Castelldefels have been doing for a long time.

In Sitges, the European cream of society is sailing on yachts and leading their bohemian lifestyle, this tradition took place 100 years ago. In addition to restaurants and cafes attract numerous festivals and holidays, which are periodically held by the Spaniards. Relaxing in the silence and driving to noisy Braça for cultural exploration is a great combination, especially since it is within 60 km.



"Coast-Gold" is called by the Spaniards. The name comes from the fact that under certain lighting yellow sand resembles gold. This is a paradise for children, as it allows you to play and swim in clear water with a shallow approach, without stones and other troubles. The Costa Dorada stretches to Alcantara. Children's vacation will seem even more fun at the expense of water parks and recreational facilities made specifically for family fun.

Be sure to stop by at Port Aventura, zoned by topic and divided by affiliation to different cultures, where each one has an unusual flavor and appeal. Jurassic Park, the wild west, Mexico, Tropics intertwined in one area of ​​a huge entertainment complex. Salou and Tarragona are places that you should definitely see.

Certified tourist resorts on the Dorada delight guests of various ages. Countless places for day and night pastime, sea, discos, wide excursion opportunities - this is what all visitors will find for themselves. Excavations of ancient Roman civilization will appeal to history lovers in Tarragona, and Aquapolis and Aqualeon parks will undoubtedly remain in the memory of children who want to return again.



The locality owes its name to the presence of extensive plantations of orange trees. Previously, oranges grew right on the coast, and now they have been pushed back slightly and smashed beach tourist facilities. But still orange blossom soars aromas everywhere, rendering on vacationers beneficial and relaxing. Geographically, it is 120 km of land from Catalonia to Valencia. The Palm Desert and other reserves make visiting this province fascinating and interesting.

Everywhere there are new buildings, under construction and developing areas with real estate, which was chosen by the Europeans. Despite the seaside location and proximity to major cities, there are still normal prices, so it is possible to have time to spend your trip to Costa Azahar.

Travelers by car will easily travel around the nearby parks, nature reserves, water parks, parrot gardens and other natural attractions. Taste oranges, sit by the water, ride the rides you need to try everyone.



Valencia is the capital of the province of the same name with its access to the Mediterranean Sea. Not for nothing this area is called the most Spanish in the kingdom. The concentration of architectural monuments from the time of Rome, national buildings of several periods, museums and various places for educational leisure will surprise everyone.

Fans of antiquity walk through old castles, museums, stroll through the streets, sit in restaurants with special cuisine, bathe in clean waters and recharge themselves with health on the most eco-friendly resort. For his merits, he received a "blue flag", which is given for a clean ecology and atmosphere.

Children's holidays will be a great success in the suburb of Cullera, where it is not deep, safe and beautiful. Gandia will delight active athletes who love surfing. Near Madrid, you will get a ride for a few hours.

Valencia is the birthplace of paella. People come here specially to taste this famous dish. For these purposes, people grow 100 varieties of rice and experiment with the composition. Paella is made with seafood, vegetables, chicken and mixed. It will be very tasty to eat in the old eateries, which have been working and serving tourism in the region for a long time.



Primorsko-tourist Costa Blanca - a favorite destination for holidaying diverse categories. Located in the direction of Valencia-Murcia, Alicante is popular with its charming areas. Often, residents spend fiestas, celebrations, organize competitions, hold parties. It will not be boring to anyone, even accustomed to the noise and movement. The audience is more affluent than on the Brava, but cheaper than on the promoted del Sol. Old Murcia attracts with excursion programs those who are not indifferent to medieval monuments.

It is worth visiting this area by active tourists, travelers, since all the sets of sailing and sea sports are selected for them. "Terramicika" and "Aqualandia" will appeal to children and young people.

Equipped beach areas with white sand justifies the name “white” - blanca. The warm climate is due to protection from the wind by a ridge of mountains. Hiking and off-road races are especially popular on the must-do list for explorers.



On the territory of Murcia located Costa Calida with the ancient city of Cartagena. It is interesting to stay in the bay, called Mar Minor, that is, the small sea. The number of sunny days is up to 320 a year, the warm weather and the watery surface without storms is a miniature paradise for kids and romantic couples.

Modern spas, telassotherapy, fresh healing air and swimming, along with excursions to ancient towns - this is why the Germans and the British choose Kalida. She was loved for her steady pace and quiet atmosphere; the older generation appreciates the comfort and hospitality of the locals. Young people do not come here very often. The difference is that there are no cheap cars and low-cost motels, designed for a high class of wealthy Europeans who prefer solidity and luxury.

Costa del Almeria

Almeria is a developing young seaside resort. The complexes, which are built today on this site, meet all modern requirements for the standard of tourist quality and safety. Embankment beaches are equipped with the latest technology, attract professionals in this direction, to make a fashionable resort city and attract more people.

Sea entertainment, sports, restaurant business for the development of tourism, because the region lives entirely due to this sector. Mojacar and Almeria have a legacy, so from a historical point of view, there is also a lot to learn. Those who are tired of luxury hotel complexes will rest in this corner and discover a renewed, modern Spain.



The Costa Tropical was based on the Almeria-Malaga junction. To both these points is not far to go and just get there. The swimming season in Tropical is the longest - you can swim and sunbathe for six months. From here you can bring "dragon apple" - an unusual tropical fruit. The area belongs to Anladusia, from here just to come to Granada - the medieval fortress city, where many monuments of Arabic architecture have survived. The Alhambra Castle with its fantastic gardens and exquisite unique style attracts visitors.

The botanical garden with exotic plants is visited by romantics and inquisitive natures. Taste seafood in local establishments, and also do not forget about the wines that grow winemakers right near. There are also organized trips with tastings.

Costa del Sol

Beach-sun fully justifies its own name. Malaga, Gibraltar, Marbella, Esterpona and many other wonderful resorts and Mediterranean stars are located on the Costa del Sol. This is the very south of Andalusia, so it will be very hot at the height of the summer season. Come to this corner of the Iberian Peninsula for vivid impressions and be ready for hustle and bustle, crowds of tourists, bathers, guides and other paraphernalia.

Russians are looking curiously at the neighborhood of luxury villas of rich Americans and Europeans with fishing villages. Discos, fashionable resort hotels, gourmet restaurants, yachts work and move for you around the clock.


Costa de la Luz

Stretched in the extreme west of the country, the Costa de la Luz welcomes guests seeking to gain impressions of the beautiful steep landscapes and authentic architecture of Cadiz, Jerez, Tarifa. Long sandy shores-braids near the ocean are protected by rocks from wind and weather.

Near Seville is the pride of the Spaniards. Stop there to admire amazing architectural styles and buildings.

Northern Costa

In addition to the southern regions, the state also has a north, which is visited to get acquainted with a completely different part of the Kingdom. There are several coastal regions - Costa-de-Morisco, Costa-Verde, Costa-Cantabria and Costa-Vasca. Each is wonderful in nature, overlooking the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenean mountain ranges. Celebrities visit Bilbao and San Sebastián, where they show off in spectacular villas. You can meet bohemia and the aristocracy, especially attending festivals or holiday programs. In winter, a favorite treat is skiing in the mountains.

Vigo and La Coruna go directly to the Atlantic, where it is cold and a kind of geography. Visiting these city-places by personal transport you can capture and learn more about the unknown, which is impossible to do with group tours.

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While there were only Costa-Brava, but I really want to see Spain, it is wonderful, I recommend everyone to rent a car and look at unusual places!
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Which coast of Spain to choose for a holiday

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