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What to see in Tenerife? | SÓLO

What to see in Tenerife

Due to the fact that Spain in recent years is a favorite corner for the rest of many people, the most popular island of Tenerife, part of the Canary archipelago. Here you can spend a wonderful holiday with children, enjoy a honeymoon trip, as well as visit numerous nature reserves, including the Geidet Park, Maska gorge and the Hellish Cave. In front of lovers of historical events in all its glory, a castle opens under the name of San Miguel and a huge number of architectural monuments that have important national value.






What to see in Tenerife

What is attractive island

Among all corners of the planet, this one located in the Atlantic Ocean surprises not only with its unsurpassed fauna and flora, pleasant climate and attractive landscapes, but also with a huge number of places that should be given special attention. Asking what to look at Tenerife, you need to seriously address this issue, because at first it is recommended to try landmark and historical objects, and only then make acquaintance with others. Considering all the sights, you can count them so much that to cover for a limited period of time simply will not succeed.

This is the area that opens before us, as a pleasant beach vacation, and a rich excursion program. There are a variety of riches of nature and architectural sights. To do this, you can use the services of a guide, or go on a trip on your own, as the probabilities open up enormous.


What to see in TenerifeHow to get there

You can come here from almost every corner of mainland Spain, using an air connection or steam. You should look at the fact that there is a south and north airport, which is taken into account when buying tickets. The flight by plane will take less time than by ferry, since the distance between Barcelona and the island is about 2500 kilometers.

If you want to see all the sights without a guide, take care of a personal vehicle that can be used throughout the resort. In this case, rent a car with the help of a special service. Its use is comfortable due to the fact that buses rarely run here, so moving by car will help to quickly examine all the beautiful and remote places.

By renting a car, you can get a luxury vehicle that will be comfortable for long trips. A person can independently draw up a route for further travel and stay in a certain territory for as long as he wishes. Rental services are provided at the airport, which is convenient for arriving travelers. The process of registration takes place for the period required by the traveler. You can choose the desired model with the complete set that will be to your liking. When traveling with children there are cars that provide for the availability of child seats. But after making a choice, let's move on to considering what is necessary to visit.


What to see in TenerifeWhat to do?

Here is a list of what every self-respecting tourist who first came to this corner of the Canary archipelago must realize.

  1. Take a cable car ride or hike to Teide Park.
  2. Sunbathe on the black sand beaches of Puerto de la Cruz and La Arena.
  3. Go to the park Anaga.
  4. Admire killer whales in Loro.
  5. Implement a hike to the popular volcanoes Chinero.
  6. To make a walk on the sea and see such inhabitants as dolphins and whales.
  7. Make a photo on the background of the rock in the form of a cake.
  8. At least once to plunge on the coast of Terrisitas.
  9. Swim in the volcanic natural pool.
  10. Try the national canary dishes.


What to see in TenerifeTeide

This place belongs to the most visited category on this island. First of all, it is unique in that it houses the famous and no less popular Teide volcano, which is 3.7 km high. Climbing to its top, you can observe the incredible beauty of the surrounding countryside. Around it is a terrain, created from rock formations and frozen lava, among which a special place belongs to the Roques de Garcia rock.

It is better to plan a visit in the morning and get ready for the fact that you can get to the 2.3 km mark by a rented car, and the rest of the way should be covered on foot. This park is open from 9:00 to 16:00 in the evening. Since the height is cool enough, take care that you have a small jacket or jacket with you. Not every person will be able to climb the volcano, since the ascent is quite difficult and, for example, the child will not be ready for this. Take care in advance of obtaining permission, which can be pre-booked on special sites.



What to see in TenerifeNatural areas

Resting with small children, you should not forget that there is a wide variety of parks of natural importance here. Each of them has its own great features, as well as the probability to enjoy the animal show, from which your kids will be delighted. Among the famous areas worth paying attention to:

  • Siam park - the largest territory where a huge number of attractions are located, both for children and for adults;
  • Loro parque - a parrot park;
  • Monkey park - the chance to get acquainted with a wide range of lemurs and gorillas.

There is also the possibility of buying tickets, with which you can simultaneously visit 2 parks, if geographically they are close. Amazing black beaches

Due to the fact that this area is rich in volcanoes, it is here that the largest number of beaches with black sand is concentrated. It can be, as light gray, and at all black. Due to its shade, it heats up quickly enough and says that it has real healing properties. Among the best you should pay attention to the beaches of Playa Benijo and Playa de la Arena, which can be reached most conveniently by car. And do not forget that wearing a light swimsuit is still not worth it.


What to see in TenerifeLunar landscape

Paisaje Lunar opens to tourists from the outside of the ridge that surrounds the Caldera Las Canadas mountain from the south. Unique outlines and drawings created by the fact that the entire landscape was created with volcanic rocks that are washed with water and blown by the wind. Despite the fact that this place is quite miniature, the number of tourists here does not decrease, since unique photographs in this place are guaranteed to you.

Gorge Mask

This is one of the most amazing and unusual places that has been loved by many tourists who have been arriving in Tenerife for holidays for years. This is a kind of original village, located near the volcano Teide. The only thing worth preparing for is that the road to this village is considered quite dangerous, as it is located along a very narrow serpentine mountain road. Therefore, this trip will appeal to extremes. Previously, there were no tracks, so the locals moved only on their own feet. But no matter which way you choose, you will see a real landmark in the form of a gorge leading directly to the ocean coast. The trip here can take several hours, but it’s worth preparing not only morally, but also physically. It is best to choose comfortable shoes, patience and the necessary supply of water all the way.


What to see in TenerifeHell gorge

Barranco del Infierno is one of the famous nature reserves, which in the entire island has only one waterfall of incredible beauty. The location of this gorge falls on an area near Las Americas. Here you can see a waterfall, whose height is 560 m. Not only unique rock formations, but also picturesque nature are located around.

The rise can not be considered quite difficult, since even an exciting three-hour hike is offered for tourists. There are also segments of the path that are very dangerous for human life, because of which this road was not covered several times. Take care of comfortable shoes and sportswear in advance so as not to complicate your path. And also do not forget that the entrance to this reserve is paid and requires permission.

Dragon tree

If you are a person who is attracted to his amazing things, go to the town of Icod de los Vinos, where you can see a relic tree, which, according to approximate data, is about several hundred years old. In the girth of its size is 10 m, and in height - about 25 m. To create a photo near this giant every year thousands of tourists come here, ready to pay 5 euros.


What to see in TenerifeSan Miguel Castle

Excursion to this place will appeal to those who like to get acquainted with the historical heritage of a particular area. In fact, it is a kind of copy of the castle of the modern type, which is made in the medieval style. Guests can not only enjoy treats with delicious wine, but also watch the knightly competitions. There is a small shop where after the tour you can buy a large number of souvenirs. You can get there, both by taxi and on a rented car.

Pueblo chico

Staying in Tenerife with children, do not forget to visit here, in the so-called park of miniatures. Its location is favorable because it is easy to get here from any corner of the island for a limited period of time. The feature of such miniatures is that you have an incredible opportunity to get acquainted with all the sights, but presented in a small format. Visiting is not free and can only be reached here until 6:00 PM.


What to see in TenerifeGarachico

As practice shows, in Tenerife you can swim not only in the sea, but also in these warm lava pools. Their formation was due to the collision between the ocean and hot lava, which happened in the distant 1706. So now you can find different types, differing, both in depth and in size. Now there are lava pools for swimming with the youngest children, and those that are intended for adults. For kids, they are unique in that they offer the opportunity to get acquainted with real fish of subtropical type. And adults, to reach the bottom, need to learn to hold their breath, as there are very deep areas.

Calatrava Architectural Complex

This is a Tenerife child, which contains a certain play of figures, volumes, textures, curves and shadows, which all postmodernism has not yet seen in such numbers. It quickly recognizes the handwriting of a renowned local designer and architect Santiago Calatrava.

For many tourists, this structure resembles various objects. Some see the wave, others - the cobra, and the third and it seems that this is a real Trojan helmet. Despite the fact that the artistic plan of the creator is not known, everyone is amazed at such an amazing structure. Now it is used as a stage for ballet and musicals, as well as a concert stage.


What to see in TenerifeOther architectural monuments

This list of places worth seeing does not end there. In particular, if there are many monuments worthy of everyone's attention. Near the port, namely in the old quarter, there is the largest number of such main attractions, among which are the following:

  • Black Fort fortress;
  • Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception;
  • Fort Paso Alto;
  • Church of Assisi of Francis, etc.

All these buildings originated in the 16-17 century, than deserve attention.

The east coast is notable for the fact that it houses a miniature seaside town called Candelaria. Every year, here you can meet not just hundreds, but thousands of pilgrims who come to pray and worship in the Basilica of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Staying on this Spanish resort, each of you will be able to find entertainment to your liking. Not necessarily for days to wallow on the sea, not knowing what to do when there are so many monuments around that deserve special attention. Do not forget also about boat trips on a boat, visiting cafes and restaurants, as well as ordinary walks along the embankment.

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What to see in Tenerife

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