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What to see in Spain in March | SÓLO

What to see in Spain in March

Spring in Spain is wonderful, and even in March tourists can find something fascinating and unusual for themselves. A favorite event in this period here is the famous Las Fallas festival, reminiscent of our Pancake Week. Some just prefer to quietly walk through the streets of the old town and look at the Barrio de Carmen, where you can admire the beautiful view of the Moorish walls. Simply put, for everyone there is a suitable occupation even at the beginning of spring, when there is no opportunity to swim in the warm sea water.



What to see in Spain in March

Attractiveness of the territory

In the spring, almost every person feels differently. Spaniards are no exception. Naturally, in the southern states the transition is not felt as strongly as in the states located in the temperate climate zone. And despite this, the population feels a slight increase in air temperature. The day is getting longer and people start preparing for the new season.

Despite the fact that this period is not considered a resort, there is something to see here. The nature is changing every day, the gardens are flourishing and this cannot but be pleasing to the eye, both among locals and travelers.

It is in March, the rest here is not like the rest of the year, as this season held numerous holidays and celebrations. Well, if we exclude such large-scale events, then we can say that this is the month with the smallest number of visitors. If you do not like vanity, large crowds of people, then you should try it just this month.


What to see in Spain in March


Many do not understand what to see in Spain in March. The answer to the question is quite simple: at this time you can see all that travelers watch during the season. The only drawback of this holiday is the inability to swim and enjoy the sea water. But at the same time you will not be accompanied by crowded crowds, and you can enjoy the true unsurpassedness of this amazing country.

Things to do

If you can not choose where to go on vacation in March, then Valencia has no decent competitors. Favorable weather, proximity to the Mediterranean coast, a variety of celebrations - everything that makes tourists come here in early spring.




If you directly answer the question of what to do here, you can highlight the following recommendations:

  • What to see in Spain in MarchBe sure to take part in the Las Fallas Puppet Festival, which is organized every year from 15 to 19 March. In such an interesting way, locals celebrate the arrival of the warm season. All participants of this event throughout the year make dolls that are burned by the end of the festival. And only one copy, which was recognized as the best in this year, is sent to the Las Fallas Museum;
  • Be sure to admire the pyrotechnic shows in the Plaza de Auntamento;
  • to study the local color you need to go to the processions organized from March 18-19 in the square Virgen de los Desamparados;
  • stroll through the old town of Valencia, where you can endlessly look at the magnificent Moorish walls and other decorations;
  • taste a glass of Valencian water;
  • walk along the streets in the Art Nouveau style of Calle de la Paz;
  • go shopping in the central market, which is good both outside and inside;
  • spend a full day in the city of arts and science, where there are many interesting modern buildings and a planetarium;
  • visit the Oceanografic Aquarium;
  • sit on the beach Malvarrosa;
  • go boating in the Albufera Natural Park;
  • try the traditional paella.

And this is not a complete list of cases that can be done only in Valencia.


What to see in Spain in MarchMove

Naturally, how to get here from your country, everyone decides for himself independently. Yet at this time, airfare prices usually fall, since this is not the holiday season and there is not much demand. Some prefer cheaper bus crossings. But this is not so important. It is much more important to take care of what you will move on, while already being in Spain.

If you want to see the maximum number of Catalan sights and at the same time spend a minimum of time, you need to rent a private car, which you can use throughout the journey.

Special service can provide a lot of options for cars, so everyone can choose for themselves the right model. Renting a vehicle is advantageous in that in a matter of minutes you can get to the necessary point, while not waiting for buses, which run in March much less frequently than during the holiday season.

A luxury vehicle can be booked in advance, and in this case, an employee of the service will drive it to the airport, which is extremely convenient for visitors. For young families with a child in the car is provided a child seat. Simply put, everyone will find a car for themselves and not only get a quality vehicle, but also a VIP service.

The most pleasant places

As already mentioned, here you can see all the same attractions as in the summer. But there are areas that look much more interesting this season.

Sight Special features
Herte Valley In the summer, it looks like a simple garden, but it is an unbelievable sight that opens up in the spring: several thousand cherry trees bloom and fill the space with a pleasing aroma. This landscape looks very impressive.
City Cabezuela del Valle A place where you can plunge into the real Spanish atmosphere. This is not a resort town, so here you can see how ordinary Spanish people live. For a small amount of money you can have a tasty and satisfying meal, for example, beans with sausage - a traditional dish.
Natural Park Garganta de Los Infiernos In March, this place looks as attractive as possible. And a simple walk here can bring a lot of pleasure, as the scenery of incredible beauty opens up.
Observation deck at El Torno From the hill offers a wonderful view of blooming cherry orchards and the village of Navaconsejo.
Monument Mirador de Memoria Will be an interesting object for fans of history. Located on the above viewing platform.

And this is not the whole list of attractions that can be visited in March. Spain is beautiful at any time of the year, so be sure to visit it even in early spring.

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Spain is beautiful at any time of the year! Visit it and you will not regret it!
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What to see in Spain in March
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