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What to see in Soria: we are going from Madrid | SÓLO

What to see in Soria: we are going from Madrid

In Spain, there are many beautiful and interesting places that require a separate trip and careful sightseeing. Tourists often choose the busiest locations for the trip, although there are options that deserve more excitement from the side of travelers.

Soria is one of these towns. It is located in the homonymous province in the region of Castilla Leon. This is a place with a rich and quite interesting history. Although even the Spaniards themselves underestimate it because of the cooler climate.

It is one of the least populated areas in the country, and about half of those considered resident in the whole province live in the city itself. It is located on the coast of the river Douro. That is why climatic conditions are less warm than in the rest of Spain. There, the winter lasts longer and is colder, and the summer is rather short, but rather hot.


How to get there

From Madrid you can take public transport. However, this method is not for everyone, since it does not differ in the particular comfort of movement. We'll have to find out the schedule and focus on it, in addition, there is no possibility at all to control the conditions of the trip independently. It is much better to choose a rented car. Moreover, the distance between these points is quite small - only 226 kilometers. By the time the journey takes only 1 hour and 35 minutes.

How to rent a car? To do this, you need to provide a minimum package of documents; in fact, you will only need to show your passport and driver's license in two versions - domestic and international. You get a guaranteed service and the model that you order. It is best to pick up a luxury car, which will provide the opportunity to enjoy the journey through the Spanish expanses.



It is recommended to start the inspection from the central part, where the main square with the city hall building in the 16th century Renaissance style is located. In order to experience the scale of life of aristocrats, visit the Palace of Gomara de Soria. It is often accepted to call Soria a town of poets, because many famous writers have paid attention to this locality in the pages of their novels and short stories. In fact, after the walk, you can feel the romantic mood, which, perhaps, will inspire you to the poetic lines. In gratitude, the locals organized a real Museum of poets. It is located in the building of a former casino, where once those who visited the city played cards.

Like every picturesque medieval town there is its own castle. Much to our regret both the locals and the tourists are in a ruined state, so one can appreciate the exceptionally unusual atmosphere prevailing on the remains of the fortress scattered throughout the territory. The best preserved 8 km of the fortress wall, stretching along the river.

This is a religious area, so several dozens of various temples and monasteries were built here. One of the most famous is the Cathedral of St. Peter, which is made in the Romanesque style.

In the central part there is also the Monastery of the Virgin Mary de la Soledad. This relatively small hermitage once survived the era of Muslim conquest. The foundation was laid in the 6th century. It is hard to imagine, but the skete is already more than fourteen centuries old.

The most picturesque place is the Skit of St. Saturia. He seemed to have grown into the rocky coast. Here you can take a lot of interesting photos. For lovers of historical antiquities, you can advise to look at the exposition of the Numantia Museum.


What to try

Soria is known for its original cuisine, which is based on dairy and meat products. Especially salted and sweet butter. Be sure to try the ham and sausages, which are made from beef. The cold climate of the area determines the nutritional value of the local cuisine. We recommend ordering a glass of beer or wine for a good snack, there are no problems with tasty and high-quality alcohol.

As a souvenir, you can bring from these edges unusual items for your home, which local craftsmen make here. This can be a jug for wine, and other household items that look authentic and attractive.


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What to see in Soria: we are going from Madrid

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