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What to See in Marbella | SÓLO

What to See in Marbella

The Spanish city of Marbella is located in the Costa del Sol district of Andalusia. This is a chic aristocratic resort. Here goes to rest all the beau monde: the screen stars, big businessmen, aristocrats and world politicians. The city impresses with its picturesque views, clean beaches and architectural sights. It combines an indescribable historical atmosphere and modern technology. Less than a century from a small village with a population of about a thousand, it has become a fashionable place, where a lot of Europeans and our compatriots come to rest. Here fall in love couples to experience the romance of Spain and enjoy the beauty. The name itself combines "mar", which in translation means "a lot of water" and "bila" - a mountain. And it is true. There are a lot of sea and beautiful mountain species here.



What to See in Marbella

Top places to visit

  1. Puerto Banus - the most expensive port in the country where you can see luxury yachts and boats, here you can rent a car and drive along the picturesque coastline. All luxury is felt and you become its participant. You can show off your fashionable transport and feel your communion with the elite. It is more likely to meet the star of world show business, a millionaire or politician, slowly walking along the quay or dissecting fresh sea air on his new car. Initially, it's just a port, but it has long turned into a small town within the boundaries of a large one. Near the port there are several other famous places to go to. This is the popular square of Antonio Banderas and the epoch-making monument-tower. The port is located 8 km from the city, it was established in 1970.
  2. The sea line connecting the port and the city is called the "Golden Mile". The name came from the expensive chic villas and mansions that are located there. Here there are expensive hotels of the world where you can stay and spend an unforgettable weekend. Part of the mile, located by the sea, is perfectly developed. Here are the best golf courses, gyms, salons, business centers and hotels with a worldwide reputation. And the second part, which is near the mountains, is still in the process of development and development. The embankment can be a separate point of visit. You can turn into the depths of the settlements and feel all the atmosphere, walking along the beautiful streets.
  3. The area of ​​oranges is located in the center of the Old Quarter. It exists since the XV century. Around the square you can find snow-white ancient buildings, which are located on narrow streets lined with paving stones and old tiles. The name of the square went from the fact that it sinks in a variety of orange trees. In the center is the building of the local mayor's office, which is a value with a history. You can go to all kinds of galleries, restaurants of national cuisine and souvenir shops. A special aroma of oranges is carried around the perimeter, this is a real natural aromatherapy. Tourists are attracted to this area at different times of the year. You can observe the transformation of nature, sitting in a cozy cafe at a small table with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of fine Spanish wine. An inexpressible romance is the transformation of trees. They are covered with snow-white flowers, then the branches bend under the weight of juicy fruits.What to See in Marbella
  4. Ruins of the Rio Verde. The monument of history, where the ancient mosaic was preserved. It is known that the villa was built in the beginning of our era. But it collapsed as a result of a major fire. In the museum you can now see artifacts that have found their place after archaeological excavations. The museum is easy to find, walking along the city embankment. You just have to turn into a side street and enjoy cultural entertainment.
  5. Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. This building is the most significant. The Church of St. Mary Encarnación dates back to the 15th century. Later it was subjected to restoration. The exterior is elegant and rococo. The interior is simple, but with gilded and carved details.
  6. Plaza Santo Cristo - this is something that should definitely visit a tourist to get acquainted with the country. The area is small, but insanely cozy and picturesque. The multi-colored buildings around it give brightness, and the fountain with the statue of the Virgin Mary in the center is an indisputable decoration. Also here you can see another undoubted historical sight - the chapel. Its top is decorated with a dome of ceramics with mosaic.
  7. Boulevard called Avenida is in the center. This landmark is number one in all the world guides. This is a pedestrian mall made of marble. Its main feature is the bronze figures of Salvador Dali. They seem to convey the true emotions and mood of the artist, but through the years. This is a real free open-air museum.


What to See in Marbella

Parks you need to visit

Alameda is one of the oldest and most colorful green areas in the area. The middle is decorated with a large fountain with clean cool water, where you can dip your legs in the hot season, refresh yourself and throw a coin to always come back here again. There are a lot of greenery in the park: exotic flowers, bushes and palms. This is an excellent space for a family holiday, because here you can find attractions for children, visit concerts that are often held right on the perimeter of the park and buy souvenirs for friends in a small market.

Repris is one of the largest and quietest parks. Walking in this area, you can stumble upon ponds in which you can feed ducks and swans. There are alleys for sports, tennis courts, playgrounds. In hot weather, you can go to a cafe with air conditioning and drink a cooling drink or go to the Bonsai Marbella Museum, where an exposition of bonsai trees is presented.

Calvario is not yet a very famous recreation area of ​​religious significance. Here is the church. And from the hill there is a beautiful view of the neighborhood.

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What to See in Marbella

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