What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling

    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling | SÓLO
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    The locals have a saying: "If you have not seen Granada, you have not seen Spain." It is really an interesting city with historical sights, restaurants with delicious cuisine, dance shows. In 2016, he was named the most beautiful in the country. Where to go if you came to Granada? We suggest to consider the most popular places for tourists and the main Granada locations, which are worth the attention of travelers.




    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling

    Arab Quarter Albaicin

    These quarters are in the old part of the town. Here in the sixth century BC, the Phoenicians founded a village called Iltruir, then it became the Roman colony of Illybury, and after the Muslim conquests it was called Kalat Garnath. Once it was a beautiful Arab settlement with a prosperous population, which had temples, schools, fountains, markets. To know lived in rich houses, located on stone-paved streets. To date, this is one of the Granada regions, where the houses of local rich people, estates of wealthy residents, monasteries with Catholic monks and huts of informal hippies are close to each other.

    Tourists like to visit the observation deck of St. Nicholas. This is an amazing place, with a panoramic view. Popular photos of the network with the red castle Alhambra, which is located in the background of the Sierra Nevada, you need to do here. Sometimes here you can see the performances of flamenco dancers or gypsy singers. Recommend to be careful not to run into minor theft.


    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling


    Of course, the Granada holidays will not be complete without a visit to the Alhambra. It is a legendary architectural monument of Islamic-Arab construction, which was erected in the Middle Ages. Visit advised to provide in advance, good, tickets can always be found on special sites on the network. If you arrive during the high season (this is autumn and spring) or at Christmas, come early in the morning to have time to buy a ticket, since their number is limited. You'll have to stand in line for a while, but be sure it's worth it.

    The Royal Chapel

    The period of the first half of the sixteenth century is marked by a large number of monuments of temple architecture. These architectural beauties, in particular, the Royal Chapel in the central part of the village, are worth your visit. Here are buried the famous royal people. We are talking about Juan Mad, Ferdinand Aragon, Philippe Krasiv and Isabella of Castile. The museum exposition will surprise visitors with a good collection of paintings by Flemish, Spanish and Italian artists, which once belonged to Queen Isabella. The entrance to the museum costs only five euros, it is open even on holidays. Near the chapel is the cathedral. For admirers of fine arts, in particular, those who are interested in the painting of El Greco, this is a mandatory item among other excursions. Preserved some locations from the past, which refers to the Muslim conquests. There is an Islamic market, a hotel (it is also called the house of the Coal), a school of madrassas, etc.


    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling

    Sakromonte - district and abbey

    This name belongs to a unique gypsy quarter, which visitors like to visit because of its originality and color. It was here that once the flamenco dance arose that excites us with passions from the fast rhythms of castanets and the skill of ardent dancers. In Sakromonte there are well-known caves-houses (also called cuevas), in some there are dance shows. At the top of the mountain of the same name, in the sixteenth century a male monastery of the Order of Benedictines was built. To date, the monastic complex includes, in addition to the abbey, a church and a seminary. It is a unique monument of religious construction, which is adorned with beautiful Tuscan columns, arches, an amazing courtyard. Under the church there are underground passages and caves.



    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling

    What to see in the vicinity

    In the suburbs is the nature reserve of Sierra de Guethor. There is also a well-known ski resort, which is considered the southernmost in the country. If you want to visit medical procedures, come to Lanjaron with its mineral springs and medicinal water, which the Spaniards use for medicinal purposes.

    Gastronomic features

    You will certainly appreciate the local restaurants, which have both Mediterranean cuisine and other culinary destinations. Choose a suitable institution, in many of them in the evening you can sit in a cozy romantic atmosphere, listen to a live game on musical instruments. Dishes based on seafood make up the menu base of most restaurants. Often in the institutions people gather in order to look at the flamenco dances. There are places for recreation with the whole family. In addition to fish dishes, in modern cafes and restaurants you will find salads, vegetarian food, desserts, cocktails and a variety of soft drinks.

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    What to See in Granada: Ideas for Traveling
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