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Malaga is known for many sights - cultural, historical, architectural, entertaining. Antequera is a small city that is located on the territory of this province. The population is 42 thousand. But this does not mean that there is nothing to look at. We suggest you get acquainted with the rating of fascinating Antekerskih locations, excursions to which will be remembered for a long time.







How to get there?

By car it is necessary to go from the capital of the province, Malaga, only 45 kilometers. In Andalusia, these territories are considered to be a large transport center. In general, the path is not difficult. You can go by car on a toll or free road. Regardless of what you choose, you can easily get there. The town is located at the crossroads of the main Andalusian roads.

What to See in Antequera

El Torcal National Park

Once, instead of the mountainous terrain, there was the bottom of the sea. Twenty million years ago, the depths of the sea rose to the surface due to an earthquake, and then wind and erosion worked over the landscape. In European countries there are no analogues of this impressive location.

El Torcal is recommended to visit everyone who likes to actively rest and conquer hiking trails. Unusual karst formations surprise everyone who visits a natural park.

Immediately there is one of the most famous megalithic European complexes. Ancient dolmens, built of huge stone slabs, were built in the same period as the pyramids in Egypt. But who did this? Modern science has not yet answered, come to Spain to see the dolmens with your own eyes.



What to See in Antequera

Historical places of interest

You can see the whole territory of Antequera from the Arch of the Giants. It was built in the late 16th century in honor of the Spanish King Philip. From here you can see colorful red roofs of local houses, church domes.

Once upon a time these lands were dominated by the Iberians, then by the Romans, the Visigoths, and the Moors occupied them. Only in the thirteenth century came the Christian rulers who laid the foundation for the grandiose construction of temples and monasteries in place of Islamic mosques and Moorish palaces. Most of the Muslim architecture was destroyed, however, some parts of the eastern heritage remain and still are. Christian churches, built with a particle of Moorish stylistics, in Andalusia are usually called "Mudejar." We are talking about buildings built from brickwork with patterns, vaults in the form of stars, arches-horseshoes, with the presence of quaint carvings and tiles with glaze.

One of the main attractions of the town is the Cathedral of St. Mary. He is the real treasure of Spain, and designed in the early 16th century by his Pedro del Campo. The cathedral is made in the style of Mudejar. The building used to be a college where the famous literary men of Spain, in particular Pedro Espinosa, studied science.


Fortress of Alcazaba

It is a monument of Muslim domination, which is one of the most important attractions of the Antequera. The fortress of Alcazaba is surrounded by protective walls with three towers. This is the oldest building in the city, which was preserved in the era of the early Middle Ages.

What to See in Antequera

Visit it, like the Cathedral of Mary, it is possible all the days, except Monday. Exact hours of visit please specify. In just a few euros, those who wish can listen to an interesting lecture about these places.

Cliff of Lovers

If you stand on the cathedral square, then in the distance you will be able to view the Lover of Lovers. It was once an incredibly beautiful romantic legend. During the reign of Granada, a young Arab woman, called Tasgona, lived in Archidona. She fell in love with a Granada boyfriend of the Christian faith. Both families could not approve the choice of young people, so they fled from their relatives. Father Tasgony sent the chase, fleeing from which the lovers were on the top of the cliff. They jumped down, holding hands to stay together forever.

The cliff of Lovers is clearly visible to those who fly up to the expanses of Malaga on air transport. It differs from other Andalusian mountains and hills. From the window his unusual form is instantly evident, along which it is also easy to recognize Anteker himself. Many tourists and local people think that the elevation of the head of the Indian.


What to See in Antequera

Other monuments

The Church of St. Sebastian combines the stylistics of the Renaissance with Baroque and Neoclassicism. Not far from the temple, two hundred years after its construction, an additional tower with Mudejar elements was built.

In the main city square is the Cathedral of Catalina and the monument to Fernando the First of Aragon. The monument was erected after the liberation of these territories from the Moors. King Fernando called him a defender, since he took this strategically important point.




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What to See in Antequera
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