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We travel by Car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain | SÓLO

We travel by car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain

Many tourists, going to this or that country, strive not only to enjoy beach or other types of recreation. Often, the priority is the desire to approach the historical heritage. It's no secret that Spain is full of real architectural monuments, which have miraculously survived to this day. It is difficult to refuse the opportunity to see with your own eyes the most ancient buildings and entire cities located in beautiful locations.

Those who want to see the maximum as soon as possible can safely go to one of the oldest regions of the Kingdom - Andalusia, located on the border with Portugal and washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar. Here, most recently, archaeologists, together with local authorities, have completed work on the preparation of several tourist zones. Before we consider the most remarkable locations to explore, we will understand how to get to the region.



We travel by car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain

Transfer to Andalusia

Many large local transport companies offer travelers travel services between locations of interest on comfortable buses. They are sent daily from settlements and rapidly deliver inquisitive tourists to ancient archaeological excavations. Those who choose this type of holiday can agree with the personal guide on excursions or go hiking independently, armed with a card and mobile gadgets. Not everyone is suitable for this kind of pastime because of one major drawback: time constraints. Simply put, buses arrive and depart according to their own timetable and are far from always allocated hours for walks or excursions.

Here comes to the aid of a decent alternative - car rental. If the plans for the holidays include only visits to the places in question and rest on the coast, then it is worth starting the trip from Marbella, Malaga or Gibraltar. Immediately it is worth noting that airports are only in the last two cities. Getting a car for the holidays is now as easy as a hotel room: just fill out an application for the option of interest through the website in advance, and upon arrival pay the money and get the keys.

One of the most important cities here are Antequera and Nerja. Each of these places is interesting in its own way and then we will deal with their features in more detail.


We travel by car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain


At first glance, this town may seem rather unremarkable, but it is here that the ancient dolmens are located, built according to the estimates of experts about 4000 years BC. Almost perfectly preserved to this day, the buildings previously served as buried. It is noteworthy that scientists have so far failed to establish exactly who managed to create such monumental constructions. It is recommended first to visit the local museum, as well as the complex of dolmens located here, consisting of the following elements:

  • Menga;
  • El Romeral (El Romeral);
  • Viera.

The complex is open to visitors 6 days a week with a weekend on Monday. There are several major highways in Antequera, you can get to the settlement quite easily by simply following the signs along the road.


We travel by car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain


No less interesting place for those who are interested to see the parking places of ancient people, are the caves near the settlement of Nerja. For excursions this object was opened relatively recently, so its visit will be interesting not only for those who came to Spain for the first time, but also experienced tourists.

The caves located here are at least 5 million years old and they were formed during the movement of groundwater. The study of a complex system of voids and passages between them became much more interesting after the statements of scientists who provided evidence of the habitability of these voids. The ancient settlements lived here for several centuries, leaving behind a considerable amount of artifacts valuable to the history and science.

The center is open daily and getting to Nerja is easiest for those who have chosen Malaga as their main resting place. The road to the protected area by car will take no more than an hour, you can only face traffic jams in the suburbs.

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We travel by car in the places of the parking of ancient people in Spain

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