Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat

    Travel by Car: Barcelona - Montserrat | SÓLO
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    A trip to Spain without a visit to the Pyrenees mountains can not be complete, so be sure to take a note and build a route through the cities of Sebadel and Terrace. The closest route is from Barcelona's capital Catalonia.

    Directly at the airport you can rent a car, if you book it in advance, it will be cheaper. So, in a rented car you can go to the first place of the settlement - in the city, and then stay for a few days, inspect all the local attractions and move on.




    Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat

    Starting point: Barcelona

    This magnificent ancient city is definitely worth a visit to all visitors to Spain for the following reasons:

    • There is a sea and many beaches;
    • A lot of entertainment for every taste;
    • This is a great opportunity to visit the most beautiful monuments of architecture and parks;
    • There are excellent Catalan cuisine and many restaurants.

    The cathedral "Sagrada de Familia" is the most famous landmark of Barca, the originator of such honors was Antonio Gaudi, who planned this structure, and after it the followers still completed it. By the way, not only the cathedral concerns the creations of this famous architect. To see other masterpieces you should go to the Park Güell.

    It is impossible to pass the plaza of Spain, all roads converge on it. There are many cafes here to sit down to relax, a beautiful fountain, and places for your photos. To inspect Barca, you can spend a few days, and then - going to the mountains.


    Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat

    Machine or train

    Choosing the transport for a trip to the mountains, many prefer the railway. In fact, this is a controversial issue, because everyone has their own goals in the journey and wishes for ways to conduct it. In favor of the railway, you can say that it's not tiring, because you do not have to sit behind the wheel without the opportunity to get up and warm up, as you can do on the train, but just look out the window at the beautiful landscapes, reaching the Pyrenees mountain ranges. From the station goes funicular. Although the distance between Barca and Montserrat is only 60 km, you can get there as quickly or as long, depending on how the tourist himself planned. In favor of autotravel leave most of the reviews of travelers and the main criteria they are:

    • Freedom in movement - you can adjust the route, on the way to stop in the villages, stop for a snack;
    • The opportunity to continue the journey after the tour - to visit other towns and villages, stay there for a couple of days;
    • Return at any convenient time independently, not tied to the timetable for public transport.

    So, if the choice has fallen on the car, you should choose a suitable model. If you do not plan to move out of the flat tracks - fit sports, and if necessary to ride on the unknown Pyrenees trails in the district - SUV.


    Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat

    Arrival Point: Monserrat

    What travelers are interested in this place? The fact is that this object attracts not only tourists - lovers of mountains, but also pilgrims. Here is a monastery and a cathedral with the same name. People are attracted by an unusual atmosphere and a special architecture. Also of interest are the nuns who live there. The inhabitants of Catalonia themselves come to this religious center.

    What you need to do when you arrive at the site:

    • Visit the shrine, inspect the cathedral;
    • Ride on the lift;
    • To buy souvenirs in local shops;
    • Inspect the mountain landscapes.

    After that, you want to stay there forever. It is for this reason and it is better to have at hand a parked car on which to continue the journey. Tourist buses with groups are spent on a half day excursion and return.


    Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat

    When is it better to plan a visit

    According to numerous reviews of people on the Internet, most prefer to go to a period when it's not hot - that is all but summer. This is because the Spanish hot summer months and the peak of the tourist season can spoil the impression of the trip. This especially applies to families with children, the elderly and people with poor health - they are excess heat and the crowd is contraindicated. Autumn and spring are an alternative when it's good for everyone. Moreover, during this period the lift works and all local entertainments. In the cold months, the excursion program is somewhat curtailed, but also interesting and unusual.



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    Travel by car: Barcelona - Montserrat
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