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Top Gastronomic Tours in Spain | SÓLO

Top Gastronomic Tours in Spain

Gastro-tourism is suitable for both sophisticated gourmets and simple lovers of novelty. Many believe that there is no need to travel to distant countries with the current abundance of products in stores. But true connoisseurs understand that one and the same dish, cooked in your kitchen on a prescription from the Internet and in its real home country - these are two completely different things. It is important not only the taste, but also the atmosphere of cooking, the peculiarities of spices, the temperament of the cook, climatic conditions.

In the gastronomy you can try unusual delicacies, get acquainted with the culture of the country through cooking, learn the historical features of the appearance of the dish and learn the subtleties of cooking. From such a trip you bring not banal souvenirs from the airport, but priceless knowledge of recipes, with the help of them you can surprise loved ones and shine on any holiday.

There are two types of tourism - urban and rural. During the second, you can directly participate in collecting the necessary products from private farms and plantations. In the second, tourists visit the restaurants of the national cuisine, where the food is cooked by famous chefs.


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The best places to visit

  1. Start your journey in Spain followed by a gastronomic heart - the city of San Sebastian. Here is the largest number of restaurants with Michelin stars. In the city there is no huge influx of tourists, people go there purposefully for new culinary experiences. Here you can try national tapas or pinches, each of which is a real work of art. Tapas is an appetizer served to beer or other drinks. It is customary to put on a serving glass, it was previously thought that in this way the contents were closed from dust and insects. Usually served free of charge. Pincho is a small sandwich. In contrast to tapas, it prepares longer and acts as an independent unit, which must be ordered separately. Know a small feature - usually lunch from 12:00 to 15:00, then all institutions are closed until the evening on the "siesta".
  2. Cheese. First of all, you should visit Castile-La Mancha and enjoy the unforgettable taste of the famous cheese The latter is made only from the milk of the same breed and is prepared for 60 days. His gentle aftertaste for a long time will accompany a knowledgeable gourmet.
  3. Olive tour. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to visit the picturesque surroundings of Cordoba, Baena, and Lerida. You can visit the olive plantations of Aragon, Granada and Cadiz.

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  4. Another "business card" of Spain is a jamon. The authentic Iberian jamon is produced in the areas of Badajoz, Cáceres, Cordoba, Salamanca.
  5. Vegetable tours. The traveler is looking for the best natural products of the country. This is asparagus, artichoke, beans, leeks, Rioja mushrooms, lettuce, quince, tomatoes and much more. Often enjoy the popularity of the Extremadura cherries and Strawberry Huelva.
  6. Fish. If you are attracted to seafood, then you need to go to Andalusia. There you can enjoy the blossoms and the mackerel. If you want an octopus, squid, sardines, then go to Galicia or Valencia.
  7. Sweets. Sweet little girls after marzipans, cakes, nougat, candied fruits and donuts with anise and cinnamon need to go to Andalusia. There you can eat plenty of Mediterranean delicacies.
  8. Wine tours. This is truly an alliance of culture and geography, it is through wine that you can feel the country from within and feel its color.


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Lovers and connoisseurs visit not only standard establishments selling sunny nectar, but also necessarily visit markets and take part in festivals. This helps to better reveal the originality of each territory.

  • Penedes wine region. There you can visit the winery and try the best Catalan tincture, stay in the cellars, where the best varieties of the drink are stored, pick the selected grapes right from the plantation and talk with the true winemakers.
  • Priory. This small valley simply needs to be visited because according to the Spaniards themselves, it is there that the best wine is produced in the whole country. No other aperitif can compare with him. Also, there is one wonderful place, surrounded by unique landscapes. This is a small family winery, where you can taste a unique wine, which is very difficult to find on store shelves. It is instantly bought up by world collectors and Michelin restaurants.
  • Province of Burgos. Namely, the Ribera del Duero area. The vineyards occupy an area of ​​21,000 hectares. They produce red and rose wines, the quality of which is controlled by a specially created state organization. She monitors the manufacture of the elixir at all stages of creation.
  • Valladolid. A town called Valbuena de Duero. One of the most high-quality and expensive drinks in Spain due to scrupulous cultivation, collection and processing of grapes and long aging in barrels. Wine for the Spaniards is a whole cult. No food can pass without a glass. It is here that more than 50% of all European vineyards are located.


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Gastronomic tours are different for their individuality. While crowds of visitors listen to a tour about a monument, stand in kilometer queues for tickets to the museum you can enjoy delicious dishes for light castanet music. Food, as nothing better, will tell about the soul of the people. Sometimes it has more history than works of art.

What you need to know about restaurants

Many institutions work until midnight, some until the morning. At the entrance to the restaurant the Spaniards hang a menu with photos of the finished products. Most often in the range of many dishes of fish and meat. The system of tipping is the same as a long time ago in the whole of Europe. It extends to the work of waiters, maids, guides and taxi drivers and is 5-10% of the order value. Payment of tips is considered a sign of a good tone, and not a prerequisite for implementation.


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Top Gastronomic Tours in Spain
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