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A trip to Spain is always a holiday, because here not only luxurious clean beaches, but also a unique historical and cultural heritage. The Costa Blanca is one of the pearls and is becoming more and more popular every year. The city of Torrevieja with its attractions attracts tourists from all over the world, at the beginning of summer it turns into a hive of people speaking different languages. Some for the first time, and someone specially goes here for a walk through the streets and enjoy the fantastic climate.

This colorful town is located near Alicante, about 50 kilometers. Well-developed resort, except for the stunning coastline where you can bask in the sun and enjoy your favorite sport. It boasts of having bright and unforgettable places for excursions, walks and a pleasant pastime. In this article we’ll talk about interesting locations to visit.

Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción or Church of the Immaculate Conception

Built in neoclassical style and stands out against the general background of architecture. It was built in 1789, but after a powerful earthquake 40 years later it was almost completely destroyed, after which it was completely reconstructed. The main hall is decorated with restraint, the baroque altar and there is an opportunity for those who wish to light a candle.

The temple is located near the seaport and promenade. On the eponymous square and part-time park. Among the greenery of trees and flowers, you can enjoy a walk with the kids, just admire nature and the fountain. From here, take a walk along the picturesque and well-groomed streets with many cafes, restaurants and shops.


The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsSalinas de Torrevieja. Pink Salt Lake

The natural wealth of Laguna Salada is considered to be a decoration of the city. From the high content of salt and other mineral components, with the onset of sunset, the water takes on fantastic shades from pink to lilac, but it depends on the season.

People come here to receive free spa treatments, lie on the surface and absorb nutrients. The mud and water of the lake have useful and healing properties and helps to cure diseases. Some compare the lagoon with the famous Israeli Dead Sea. If you decide to plunge, do not forget to bring fresh water with you to rinse afterwards, since salt strongly tightens the skin and causes discomfort.

A salt mining enterprise was established here, which is exported to various European countries.

Nations Park is the main and most visited. Visitors and locals come to spend time here. It has a great location and is creatively equipped. There is a large pond that resembles the European continent in shape, ducks, geese and swans walk. Among the thickets or on the lawns you can meet free walking peacocks. Sculptures, children's playgrounds and a fountain, the whole atmosphere is conducive to family leisurely walks.


The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsPlaza Waldo Calero

In the tourist center, not far from the port, there is a small square with many bars and restaurants, but it stands out among others, an excellent fountain, and places for relaxation are made in the form of waves and decorated with mosaics. Go to one of the cafes, have a cup of coffee with dessert.

Not far from Plaza Valdo Calero, gambling enthusiasts can visit the famous casino El Casino Torrevieja. The building and its facade are different from the nearby structures. Here is the Cultural Casino Society , the original name, isn't it ?! Among other things, there is a restaurant with amazing cuisine.


Paseo Vistalegre

Vista Alegre Boulevard is located a few meters from the casino, here for convenience there is an awning that protects from the sun, places for a comfortable stay and a walking area. What is famous for the boulevard? Interesting thematic monuments - Monumento a las Habaneras and musicians "Homenaje a los Músicos Torrevejenses".

The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsMall and seaport occupies most of the coast; it is international. Here you will see boats and luxurious white yachts that are lined up in a spectacular row.

Marina Internacional is a picturesque and colorful complex. Surrounded by a marina-sea coast with yachts and a garden. A fairly lively place, the complex has the following:

  • Green area. Cafes, restaurants, bars. The shops. Hotels.
  • In one of the restaurants you can admire the scenery of the sea and the rows of luxury yachts. < / em>
  • A breakwater or “El Paseo del Dique de Levante” stretching out to the Mediterranean stretched near the port at 1,440 meters. Shady canopies are equipped here, where you can go jogging, rollerblading, biking and just get positive emotions. Stunning landscapes on the coast open from here, the famous monument “Homenaje a la Mujer del Marinero” to the sailor’s wife, who escorts her beloved to the sea, is installed, this particular creation can be seen on various souvenirs, postcards and photos. A peculiar business card of Torrevieja.
  • At the very end of the pier, the Faro Torrevieja lighthouse rises. < / em>

The most beautiful embankment of the Costa Blanca, so it’s worth talking about it and visiting in the future. It is very cozy and every time I want to return here, walk among the sculptures and monuments. Go to one of the souvenir shops, buy a souvenir or drink a glass of sangria in a small cafe. There is really amazing scenery, sandy little beaches, change to a rocky shore. On one of these stands a monument to the figure of a girl who sits on a bench and watches the sea. This is & “Lola” or Bella Lola-Estatua la Bella Lola. According to legend, the work is dedicated to a girl who did not wait for her beloved from sailing, his ship sank, and she sat day and night waiting for him.

Near the sculpture “Nombre del mar” the Man of the Sea, as well as “Monumento a las culturas del Mediterráneo” Pillars, which is a cultural monument.


The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsCity Theater

The construction, designed by Antonio Tamayo and Alejandro Polo, is located in the central part on Miguel Hernandez Square. It hosts a variety of events in the field of culture and art. If during your stay there will be theater performances, find an opportunity and visit one of the activities. Even if you do not understand anything in a foreign language, you will still feel the message and the energy of the performance. They say that there is no framework for art, let alone linguistic.

Church of the Sacred Heart , is built relatively in a modern style, which attracts attention to it. This is a modern temple with large windows in the form of arches, the interior is quite modest and discreet.

Del Moro Tower - a symbol of the city, a historical monument of the 14th century, which is 3.5 km away. from the center, closer to La Mata. You can get here along the shoreline on foot or by transport. Note that the tower lost its original appearance, but then it was rebuilt. Now it rises in a modern green park with sculptures and creatively decorated walking paths.

Near Torrevieja, visit Murcia , the capital of a neighboring province. Distance 70 km. in a car with a navigator, overcome very quickly. It has rich architecture and large modern shops.


The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsWhat to see

  • The majestic Cathedral of the 14th century, which was still under construction for several centuries. Therefore, you will see a mixture of many styles in its architecture - Gothic, Rococo, Renaissance, Neoclassicism and Baroque.
  • In front of the city hall, is the picturesque Glorietta Square.
  • Make purchases in boutiques on Gran Via and in shopping centers in the suburbs.

Goro. Cartagena is saturated with Roman heritage, and the origins of creating a compact and comfortable town go back to the distant 4 century. BC. The distance is only 60 km. to the south.

  • Walk through the colorful streets.
  • Take a look at the Roman Theater - a visiting card of the town. It houses a museum with exhibits from the time of the Roman Empire and an amphitheater subsidized 1 century. BC. To see all the greatness from above, go up to the Torres Park by elevator. From here you can see Concepcion Castle, the promenade and port.
  • Remains of the Temple of St. Mary, which is considered the first Christian church on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Taste delicious tapas in one of the bars on Calle Mayor Street.


The city of Torrevieja and its attractionsGoing on vacation, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. The main problem is how to move along unfamiliar roads, where to look for ticket offices for purchasing tickets, how to plan everything in such a way as to manage everything and not waste precious time sitting on buses and trains. Everything is simple! Contact a reputable car rental company. Then all experiences will be irrelevant. Spain has comfortable autobahns and roads. Choose a premium car, it guarantees perfect technical condition and safety. The presence of a navigator will greatly facilitate the search for the desired locations.


  • Independence from public transport and its schedule.
  • Ability to plan a route, changing it at will at any time.
  • See more interesting corners of the country.
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The city of Torrevieja and its attractions
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