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The best routes in Spain by Car | SÓLO

The best routes in Spain by car

Spain is a cheerful, romantic and amazing country. Annually, more and more residents from different parts of the world strive to get to the homeland of bullfighting and flamenco, plunge into the magical atmosphere of the most beautiful cities and soak up the affectionate sea. And it's not for nothing that getting a visa for such a trip is not difficult, but the high level of development of the tourist industry allows you to easily organize a tour without assistance. And what could be better than exploring the Iberian Peninsula on a self-compiled route that does not depend on the standard tour planned by the tour operator? To realize your plans, you can go on your car, which will give you the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and other points of the route along the route. However, if you are not tuned for a long trip, but just want to enjoy it, you can always rent a car on arrival at your destination.



The best routes in Spain by car

Independent tour: advantages and subtleties

And now, when a lot of time is spent on planning and competent organization of the scheme, the decision is made. Let's look at the advantages of such a trip to enhance confidence.

  1. Absence of time frames. This means that you will not run around in the bustle of the architectural structures you like in an attempt to quickly make more photos, so as not to be late for a tourist bus that moves on schedule. You will have so much time for sightseeing, as you yourself want to pay.
  2. Freedom to choose items of interest. You do not have to follow the guide on the already beaten everyday tourist routes. It is only necessary to wander through the expanses of the World Wide Web and choose those directions that interest you.
  3. You choose the regions by which your route will pass. Sometimes, enjoying the rest on the beach, I want to change the situation and wander through the city streets, admire the beauty of nature in the famous parks or go to the city with a lot of entertainment and attractions. And then you can go into the car at any time and go on.
  4. Saving money and time. Organizing your vacation, travel companies do this not for free, inflating the cost of most services. In the case of a self-organized tour, you choose your place of residence, food and recreation yourself, based on their price and personal wishes.

Try not to be based only on the study of architecture or the monotonous lying on a deckchair. Spain is fraught with many discoveries that await you at every step. Try traditional Spanish dishes - paella, gazpacho, tortilla, migas will surely surprise you with its non-standard taste. In addition to beaches, which, incidentally, there are more than 2 thousand, there are still stunning mountains and even a desert. Do not miss the chance to see everything with your own eyes.


The best routes in Spain by car

Nature does not have bad weather: we rest on a season

Contrary to popular belief that vacation should be organized in the summer, we suggest considering the benefits of each of the seasons.

  • Summer. Traveling by car at this time of year, do not forget that you are going to one of the warmest countries in Europe, so the summer heat should not scare you. In the year there are about 260 sunny days. Do not forget to take light and thin clothes, hats, sunglasses and protective creams. But the presence of an umbrella is not necessary, because rain is rare.
  • Autumn. In this season, it's not so hot and sometimes it's raining. At this time, less tourists are resting here, and the water temperature is still comfortable for bathing. Therefore, for people who do not like bustle and populousness, the autumn months are the most suitable.
  • Winter. Perhaps, the most interesting time. You can comfortably travel to the southern areas, sunbathing in the Canary Islands, and you can rent a ski or snowboard and go in for sports in the Pyrenees or the Sierra Nevada.
  • Spring. In March it is still rainy and cool, in April the precipitation will be much less. Simultaneously, nature will be pleased with its bright colors, inspiring a romantic mood. May allow you to relax on the coast and swim in the sea. At the same time, Barcelona will be somewhat colder than in other regions.


Attractions for all tastes

After you have chosen the travel period and decided to make it yourself, you should familiarize yourself with some interesting places that you should definitely visit.

The best routes in Spain by car

The country is able to satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated travelers, since this is truly a universal direction. Every tourist can find hobbies here - from architectural monuments and historical sites such as the Burgos Cathedral, the National Museum of the Prado in Madrid or the Alcazar in Seville, to the organization of active entertainment, for example, in the theme park PortAventura World in Salou or Jungle Park in Santa Ponza.

We bring to your attention only some noteworthy places in this unique country, a vacation in which can become the embodiment of your dream.

  • San Sebastian or Donostia. Stunning picturesque city of the Bay of Biscay near the border with France. It is known as the center of Basque cuisine. In addition, every autumn here is the season of the international film festival. Relax with your family on the beach of Playa de la Concha or surf on the Playa de la Surriola.
  • After admiring the lush green valleys and looking at the old Basque houses, you should go to Logroño, which is the main point of the wine region. After glancing at the pinch bar, try the national dishes and drink a glass of the famous Spanish wine Rioja.
  • After the famous vineyards of La Rioja on lush hills and medieval villages approach the next point - Zaragoza, where there are monumental monuments of architecture.
  • Proceeding further to the coast, we get to the ancient port city - Tarragona. Here you can walk around the ruins of the Roman Tarraco, admire the seaside amphitheater and necropolis.
  • Moving along the coast, we arrive in Valencia, the third in the country in size. Visit the Cathedral of Valencia, then go to the City of Arts and Sciences. In this vast architectural complex you can become a visitor to the opera house, cinema, wander through the huge garden-gallery, the scientific museum. And be sure to visit the largest aquarium in Europe.

You can continue moving in any direction of this huge and many-sided country, the choice of a suitable direction depends only on you. The main task is to combine sunbathing on the cleanest beaches, get acquainted with historical monuments, active rest and acquaintance with local cuisine and simply enjoy the wonderful tour that you have come up with yourself. Pleasant impressions!

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We are very pleased that we decided to travel by car and chose your company! We recommend it to everyone!
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The best routes in Spain by car

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