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Ideal places for relaxation in Spain | SÓLO

Ideal places for relaxation in Spain

Spain is a fascinating country and an amazing resort! After all, its banks are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian Sea. Therefore, there are a lot of beaches here. But if you are interested in the best vacation, then you need to pack your bags on the best beaches.


Opens our list of the cove, which is next to Girona. Sandy coast with warm friendly waves surrounded by dense greenery - here it is, a paradise on earth. This place is loved by tourists not only for the wonderful climate and landscape, but also for a location close to numerous sights. For example, in the vicinity there is a medieval fortress, which the residents built to protect themselves from enemy raids.


Ideal places for relaxation in Spain

Already from the first glances at the photos of the beach it becomes clear that this is one of the most attractive places on the Costa Brava. On it there are green islets, managed to escape from the paws of developers, so the air here is fresh and fragrant. Also a significant advantage is that there is practically no waves, and the bottom is shallow. Thus, the bay is perfectly suitable for family holidays, as well as a peaceful pastime, devoid of bustle and excitement.

However, it can not be called absolute silence and smoothness. For fans of extreme sports there is a lot of entertainment. For example, you can do diving, because the depths of the sea store many secrets. It is also possible to rent a boat or boat and furrow the azure waters, inhaling fresh air and absorbing the lightness of the waves.

However, prepare for overcrowding and war for a place under an umbrella. We advise you to have a rest in Aiguablava hotels during the off-season.


Ideal places for relaxation in SpainGranadella

The next object captivates with its dimension and coziness. A place called Granadella is located near Javea, but remotely from noisy cities and tourist centers. If you were looking for a place for complete relaxation and isolation from civilization, you found it. The beach area occupies no more than twenty meters and is "hidden" in a secluded cove. Here, the sea is surprisingly clean, the tranquility of which is rarely broken by passing fish. At the coastal rocks slowly swim the vessel of local fishermen, hoping for a good catch.

Despite the external similarity, the beach is not sandy, but consists of tiny stones. Actually, it is also a great place for those who like to snorkel, and delicious to eat. On the coast you can easily meet experienced instructors and a lot of excellent restaurants, where the freshest seafood is served. And during a break from sunburn, you can walk to the ancient fortress, which is nearby.


Ideal places for relaxation in SpainMakarella

In general, it is difficult to find a place on the map of the country near the sea or the ocean, which would not look like a "Mediterranean postcard." Makarella hid in a cozy bay on the island of Menorca. It is famous for its waters, which are called "blue tourmaline", and also white sand. In combination, an incredibly picturesque picture is obtained. Here everyone feels protected from the eyes of others, so here very often there are nudists.

The sea depths are fraught with many interesting representatives of flora and fauna, so the coast is very common diving.

And those who are going to visit Menorca for the first time, we advise you to come ashore almost at dawn, otherwise you risk spending the whole day in the hotel pool.


Ideal places for relaxation in SpainBologna

Being in Andalusia and not helping the feet on the beach of Bologna is a real crime! This is truly a virgin corner of the Spanish coastal zone, which the human hand did not touch (and well). It enjoys a frenzied popularity among tourists because of the clear, crystal clear water and fine sand. Here often come for vacations and holidays families and youth companies.

Find a place for a snack - is simple, they are located in the vicinity. Near the beach area a huge number of hotels and budget hostels. Also it is worth considering that the Andalusian beach is subject to winds and waves, as a consequence. Therefore, lovers of outdoor activities, such as surfing, gather here.

This is a great place for fans of vivid impressions. Local travel agencies provide a choice of excursions. You can go to whales and other representatives of the underwater world. Or visit one of the oldest Roman settlements, Baelo Claudia, in whose territory many ancient buildings and ruins have been preserved.

Ideal places for relaxation in Spain


This list is not compiled by rating, because already at the fifth, the final position could not be the best beach Maspalomas. Probably every inhabitant of the globe wishes to have a rest on the Canary Islands. After all, what could be better than the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the tropical sun.

Over a bronze tan come thousands of tourists annually. After all, it is considered the most sunny in the whole country. Here the sun practically does not hide behind the clouds and heats four thousand hours a year! The water here is much warmer than on all the listed facilities. Also it is impossible to keep silent about natural dunes from snow-white sand, which are the main feature of the landscape. In addition, the local sunsets are perhaps one of the most beautiful in the whole world. So do not be in a hurry to leave.

After sunbathing, go for gastronomic delights to the coastal cafes and restaurants, and for entertainment - to amusement parks, bars and boutiques.

To your attention were presented the five most popular and most beautiful beaches of the sunny coast. However, it should be noted that this list does not exhaust the stunning coastline. For example, near the Gibraltar Bay, on Cape Trafalgar there is a romantic area, from where you can see the lighthouse, snow-white yachts and picturesque landscapes. It received the status of a natural park, but the entrance for lovers to soak up under the sun in seclusion is not forbidden. Kala Saona is also an amazing place near Ibiza. This is a tiny beach with white sand surrounded by rocks.

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Ideal places for relaxation in Spain

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