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How to get to the center of Barcelona | SÓLO

How to get to the center of Barcelona

Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Spain often fly to Barcelona. In that case, they still have to get to the city center. This is necessary to get to the hotel where the room is booked, or if necessary continue to get to the destination.

If you first arrived in the country and do not know how to get to the center of Barcelona from the airport, do not worry or despair. It is not difficult to do this, the main thing is to decide which transport you will use.

Transfer from the airport and back

To get home, you can order a minibus. The procedure is also possible in the reverse order. It’s important to understand that the service is not personal, therefore other people will travel besides you. The cost of such a trip is 11.25 units of local currency one way. If you want to order it round-trip, the price will be twice as high.

It is better to reserve a seat at least two days before the proposed trip. But there is an opportunity to make a reservation 6 months before arrival in Iberia.


How to get to the center of BarcelonaPersonal transportation

If you do not speak Spanish and Barcelona is your first city in this country, then the best option to get to the hotel is a personal transfer from the airport. The strengths of this decision are that they will be waiting for you upon arrival to take you to your temporary residence. You can easily recognize the driver - a sign with the name of the passenger will appear in his hands. It’s easy to place an order: just go online. Go to the website of the company providing such a service and place a reservation.

Depending on the needs and financial situation, the transfer can be standard or business class.

Each Iberian guest who decides to travel from the airport to their destination in this way, notes that he is the most comfortable. Everyone identifies punctual and polite employees who will help to carry the suitcases and take them regardless of where the client was staying.

Some believe that traveling in this way is a waste of money, because there is a good developed transport network and you can get to the city center by bus, airbus, train and underground tram. But in fact, the choice in favor of a personal transfer will help to avoid an unpleasant neighborhood of strangers.


How to get to the center of BarcelonaBus

You can get to the center of Barcelona after arriving at the airport terminal without first ordering a transfer. In this case, it is advisable to use public transport. For example, take one of the buses. They go on a route in the morning and at night. This option to reach an overnight stay is the most budgetary, but also the longest one. From Barcelona airport departs at number 46 and 17. At night, 16 and 17 ply.

Their final destination is the same - the area of ​​Spain. They stop at the door of the building, and the fare is the same as on other vehicles in the city. The ticket should be taken care of in advance, as the driver does not have one. The ticket should be purchased in special machines installed at stops or the metro. It is better to buy T 10 for ten euros - it is designed for a dozen trips. In addition, it allows you to pay for the fare as one passenger, and immediately ten, two or three.

But before you use this option, you should study the possible routes on the Internet in advance and choose the most optimal one.

You can also take an Airbus, but travel on it is more expensive than on a regular bus, because it is larger and travels more often. You will quickly recognize him - he is blue. It works every day from six in the morning. You can leave from Plaça Catalunya at 00:30, and in the opposite direction at one in the morning. Coupons can be purchased from the driver for almost 6 euros.


How to get to the center of BarcelonaA train

If you want to ride the train without traffic jams, then he leaves the airport building in Barcelona twice an hour. Travel time to the end station is about half an hour. Electric trains begin to ride from 5:42 to 23:38.

Stops only at three major stations. The advantage of this solution is that you can get up at any stop and take the subway. This is true if you want to get anywhere in the village. The R2 North Cercanías line runs only from the T2 terminal.

If you want to see the sights along the way, then you should choose the RENFE train. Its path is longer - 75 minutes. It is valid for a T10 ticket, but its price is 10.2. Shelf life is 1 year. The rules for use are the same as for a minibus.


The opportunity for locals and travelers to arrive at their destination without traffic congestion appeared in 2016, when the subway began to function in February. The new L9 line, which connects the T1 and T2 terminals with Barcelona, ​​receives underground trams every seven minutes. They go on their route between 05: 00-00: 00. The only exception is Saturday. On this day, you can go to the airport terminal from him around the clock. On Friday, the work of the subway can be extended up to 2 hours.
But despite all the advantages, there is no financial benefit, since the T10 ticket for tourists on this line is not valid. You need to buy a one-time travel card for 4.5.


How to get to the center of BarcelonaTaxi

If you need to get into the heart of Barcelona, ​​then the best way out of this situation is to call a taxi. Travel time depends on the terminal where the customer is located: T2 - no more than 25 minutes, T1 - no more than half an hour.

As for the cost of such a move, it is equal to:

  • from the terminal - 20;
  • from T1 air terminal - 35;
  • T2 - 30.

If you do not care how to get there, then choose an airbus - no less convenient, but cheaper. But if there are several passengers, then a custom car will cost the same amount as on a bus.

But it is important to remember that calling a taxi driver at night or on holidays will cost more. You can see information about this on the rear window of each car.

Car rental

When a traveler arrives in Iberia, does not want to be limited to only one locality, the solution is to rent a car. You can choose a vehicle and book it before your arrival online. So each client will be sure that upon arrival the car will be ready.

Such a way out of the situation is convenient, because you yourself can set a schedule and stop for as long as necessary. But for this service you will have to pay well, because all cars are premium class, which means they have received powerful equipment and meet all safety requirements. This is important, especially if children are traveling in the car.

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How to get to the center of Barcelona

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