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From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip | SÓLO

From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip

Anyone who has ever been to Spain knows for sure that almost every town has its own characteristics. Teruel is not only interesting for its sights, but also one of the most beautiful cities in Aragon. After Spain adopted Christianity in the Middle Ages, the local people began to revive and develop their culture. Thus, the unique style of Mudejar appeared, in which practically the entire urban architecture is represented. Houses like castles, luxurious temples and churches - all this is imbued with a hot Spanish spirit.






From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip

We are going from Madrid to Teruel

If you get to Teruel from Madrid, you can use the bus or train. Public transport is scheduled, you can find it at each station. The distance from one locality to another is 300 kilometers. But it is hard to call such a trip comfortable and convenient, it is best to use a rental car. It is absolutely not difficult, it is only necessary to provide your passport and rights. But you can choose a luxury car, where you can reach your destination without interference and problems for some three to four hours. Only by the most Teruel is better to move without a car, because the streets there are so narrow that it is easier to walk. Along the perimeter of the city there is a sufficient number of parking lots, where you can leave the car and not worry about it.




From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip

What to see in Teruel?

To say that you can select something specific in the city is impossible. Every house, every street is a separate work of art that you can admire forever. For example, if you move from the train station to the Old Town, you can walk along the stone stairs of Paseo del Ovalo. It is framed by tiles with patterns inherent in Muslim culture, paintings and frescoes.

The strength and calling card of the city is the Cathedral Plaza de la Catedral. This building personifies the medieval Mudehar, which is already more similar to the modern one. The cathedral was built in 1170 on the remains of the old church, and the Romanesque parts of the building were replaced with Gothic ones. The main tower and the gate leading to the cathedral were built two centuries later.

The seventeenth-century Teruel Museum is a three-story facade. On the top floor is a gallery. A beautiful colonnade adorns this square. If you visit the museum, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous people of Spain.

Casa La Madrilenia is a house that clearly reflects the art nouveau style. The facade of the building is made with the help of smooth lines that resemble the Barcelona work of Gaudi. Near the house, located on the square fountain. Its top is decorated with a bull figure, which is very popular with tourists. Many souvenirs are made with this character.

The aqueduct and viaduct of Los Arcos became a symbolic distinction between the old and the new city. This is a very interesting structure, which has two levels, consisting of a large number of arches. This engineering masterpiece, created in the sixteenth century.


From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip

Cafes and restaurants

There are many places in the city where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. In almost every institution Aragonese cuisine is served. The only difference is that someone prefers to cook only classic dishes according to unchanged recipes for centuries. The more courageous ones add a modern twist to the classics. In any restaurant there is an opportunity to try a traditional dish - harretes. This is a lamb stew with wild forest mushrooms.

To understand and try a variety of dishes, order a set of platter. It is offered in order to decide which type of meat is more like, a variety of spices and so on. For breakfast, the cafe offers local fast food, which is not inferior to MacDonalds.

And the exquisite delicacy for which Teruel is famous is black truffle. Dishes made from these mushrooms are not cheap, but not to try them is a real crime. No need to deny yourself the pleasures of rest, especially if the rest takes place in Spain.

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From Madrid to Teruel: what will be the perfect trip

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