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Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona | SÓLO

Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona

Spain is visited for different purposes - who dream of a warm, clean sea and entertainment for the whole family, others to conquer the hangouts of Ibiza, and still others - to see local sights and be inspired by the national color. All this is concentrated in one extraordinary city - Barcelona, ​​the capital of the province of Catalonia. Here to the services of travelers a warm and mild climate all year round, near the gentle sea and the Costa Dorada, as well as a whole city full of beauty and temperament, like the Catalans themselves.
If you booked a hotel in the center, you can easily reach all places of interest on foot or by public transport. If in Barcelona on excursions - it is more comfortable to rent a car and with the convenience for your own pleasure to travel without thinking about schedules and not depending on the guide.


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The amazing architecture of the famous Spanish architect

Antonio Gaudi is known all over the world for works of unusual style. His surrealism in architecture has become a kind of "educational tool" for many beginner architects and designers trying to implement projects that are a bit like masterpieces. They visit Barcelona as a museum in the open air and watch for hours the colorful facades of houses and statues that are frozen in mysterious poses and demonstrate a miracle in shape. Everyone is impressed by the palace of Batllo and all kinds of houses in a unique performance.
Gaudi worked more than 100 years ago, then he began the construction of many buildings and complexes, and some of them were then completed by his disciples and followers until recently, like the "Cathedral of the Holy Family."
Park Güell is an amazing part of the city, which combines gardens and residential quarters. It is notable for the fact that it can be walked around freely, like in a park, and inspect the architecture. It was founded in 1900 by a count under the surname Güell, and therefore began to bear his name. Now it is a place of tourists gathering from all corners of the world and the object is included in UNESCO World Heritage.


Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona foto 2

How to create Guell park

The park itself was conceived as a small town in the garden and it was built for 14 years in the last century. The construction is passable in 3 stages:

  1.  Construction of artificial hills and strengthening of slopes;
  2.  Creation of infrastructure - roads, circumferential walls, congresses, entrance pavilions;
  3.  Construction of houses and architectural elements, the first of which appeared a bench-snakes of architects Gaudi and Jujol. Also built 3 mansions and one of them was bought by the chief architect himself. He was converted into a museum under the house, and he bears the name of his master to this day and still keeps his unique furniture he created.

The complex was sold by the heirs of the Mayor of Gueil, and it transformed it into a tourist place. One of the houses of that time still belongs to the heirs of a lawyer who bought it back in those days.


How to get to the park

The object has its own address, it is convenient for those who travel by car with a navigator. Enter such data - Carrer d'Olot 5 08024 Barcelona. Also coordinates will help when traveling by bus. On the metro you should get to the station Lesseps or Vallcarca, and then find the signs on the street. The tourist bus 112 also reaches this place.
The opening hours for the park complex are from 8 to 21 every day. It operates all year round. If the locals can go there for free, then a fee is set for tourists - 7 euros. Separately, you will have to pay for the house of Gaudi - 5.5 euros for adults and 4.5 for minors.

Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona foto 3

Internal arrangement

At the entrance to the pavilion, you immediately find yourself in a fairy tale with "gingerbread" houses with sugar roofs. Visitors have a view of the main front staircase and fountains. The decor was created in mosaic technique from pieces of pottery and broken glass, giving the facades of houses and individual sculptures relief surfaces.
Next, you will see the famous "Hall of a hundred columns", in fact they perform not only a decorative, but also a practical role. In the fucking time, the pipes inside the columns collected rainwater in a container under the floor, and then it was used to irrigate the parkland.
In the center there is a square, and from it stretch walkways, where at every step a mosaic and unusual bizarre figures of all sizes - dragons, birds and other subjects. Also, tourists stroll through the viaducts, along the stone gallery, the rosary road and the porticoes. Everywhere you can feel the talent of the master, transmitted in smooth flowing shapes and soft lines. There are nowhere any straight lines and sharp corners - this is part of the idea.

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Creations of Gaudi in the Park of Guell in Barcelona

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