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Ancient cities of Spain - Worth to visit | SÓLO

Ancient cities of Spain

The most visited cultural center of Western Europe attracts tourists from all over the world. They want not only to sunbathe on golden beaches and swim in the azure water, but to get a portion of spiritual food. In Spain, there are enough places with a rich history: cathedrals, parks, the Colosseum, etc. To look at them, to feel the succession of events standing on the famous land is an opportunity that guests of the country receive. What are the ancient cities of Spain to visit to learn more about the Spanish people, their history and tastes?

Go on a trip

Many of us are fed up with traveling with tour operators. To have a good rest and see the beauty of Spain, you need to go on your own and plan your leisure time. It's not so scary if you know the language well or not the first time you visit the Kingdom. In this case, it will be easy for you to find accommodation that suits you by location and price. If the issue with the apartment, hotel or bungalow is resolved, there will be a small nuance - transport. To move freely through the cities, considering the ancient buildings, you need to rent a car. You can use a taxi, train, subway, but here you will need endurance, confidence and practicality. Study the route in advance, check the bus schedule to properly allocate time.


Ancient cities of SpainThe ideal option for moving in Spain is car rental. The service is reliable, profitable and has several advantages:

  • You can make a request in Russia, sign all documents and agree on a meeting place. Usually, airports and railway stations are selected so that the client immediately moves to the car upon arrival.
  • For those who do not know the city and the language provided driver, which contributes to the solution of the language barrier.
  • Choose a car to your liking. Luxury model of your favorite brand, which will be in perfect condition. Reliable "horse" that will make the trip more comfortable and memorable.

In our opinion, it is better to rent a transport and secure a rest that will fill with pleasant moments than to lose half a day to build a route, adjusting to the schedule of buses and subways.

And so, if you have decided, now we will describe those cities that require special attention.


Ancient cities of SpainAlicante

This place was built two thousand years ago. Tidbit for tourists today. Location plays an important role. The place is located on the Mediterranean coast. Here is the port.

Puente la reina

Pilgrims stay here constantly. The territory is full of historical moments and memorable structures. The ancient town is known for being the connecting part of pilgrimage routes. At this point, the Aragon and Navarre met, joining together on a single road of St. James. Residents have long been accustomed to provide accommodation for travelers who did not have time to hide in a monastery.

Do not think that only believers are guests of the town. It is worth coming here to visit the incredibly beautiful bridge thousands of years old. It lies across the river Arga. By the way, it is he who serves as the inspiration for the name Puente la Reina. If you look at the translation, you will see the meaning of “the bridge of the queen”. Be sure to stop by it to keep stunning photos from a mysterious place. To this day, historians have not come to a common opinion of whom the bridge was built. What queen has been honored.


Ancient cities of SpainAlbarracín

A small place with a large number of residents. Nevertheless, guests from other countries constantly come here. All because of the unusual atmosphere and old buildings. It is impossible to drive past Albarracín to those who adore history and are interested in medieval architecture. Here is the largest fortress wall, which is a witness to many events. Tourists can see all the memorable places in one day, especially if they are on their own car. The city, though not the largest, but the prices of products and souvenirs are much higher than in other places. Mark this in your guide just in case.


The monastery of St. Francis, the Church of Our Lady, you will see if you eat in this town. It is here that the ancient palace is located, which attracts millions of people interested in culture. Inside it’s worthwhile to consider not only the chic modeling, the grace of arches and staircases, there is a museum here that tells the history of the province, shows how magnificent the palace was before the reconstruction.

On a note! It sells wine from different cellars. Locals eagerly share their creation. Bring along some alcoholic beverages that will help you completely dissolve in Olite. Wander through the narrow old streets, appreciate the houses and buildings framed by rocks.


Ancient cities of SpainRhonda

Nature in Spain itself is very interesting and favorable for walking. Here, the sea, sand, rocks - everything that is so necessary for an ordinary person to be filled with emotions. Those who are interested in constructions, definitely need Rhonda. The town is built on seven hundred meters above sea level in the rocks. You will listen to the guides' stories, which will tell about the amazing story of the town. Its construction began the Celts, who first chose the beauty. After them, they managed to “manage” and contribute to the formation of the Romans, Greeks and Visigoths.

It is necessary to thank the Spanish government, which honors history, is trying to preserve it, while actively developing other places for tourism. Thanks to the restoration that was done on time, a competent approach to excursions and visits to museums, many valuable buildings have survived to this day.

In continuation, we note that the city is the capital of bullfighting. It is here that the oldest arena is located, where the bulls created a beautiful, but bloody sight. You understand that you should not miss the chance to not walk on the ground, where such things were done. To learn a little more about the places you visited, visit in addition to the museum. A lot of interesting things to tell you local guides.


Ancient cities of SpainSantillana del mar

The most beautiful city in the northern part of the country, the pearl of Cantabria, one of the oldest buildings, all this can be said about Santillana. Many may not believe it, but it was built in the thirteenth century. Locals say that there is not even a miniature brick in the house, which would be younger than the whole structure. Historians say that the town can be called a museum, because every centimeter is saturated with the historical spirit that lures visitors in the Middle Ages. Looks very nice temple of St. Julian. This is also a landmark, because it was from him that the large-scale construction of the metropolis began. Walk through the streets, visit the ancestral estates, churches and towers. Only by completely avoiding every meter of Santillana del Mar, one can feel a certain unity and erasing the lines between the past and the present.

We recommend to walk through other Gothic buildings: Velarde and Otero, the house of Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Bustamante, etc. Pilgrims and believers are obliged to stop by San Ildefonso. This is a historical place where the museum currently operates.

A warning! Do not go there empty-handed. Since the ancient cities need to be protected and reconstructed periodically, local authorities charge a fee to enter some of them.


Ancient cities of SpainEstella

The land, which is loved by pilgrims and gourmets. Strange, but here they were able to unite spiritual and completely worldly food. For believers there will be a significant march along the Path of St. James, which will lead to the modern cathedrals of San Miguel and Santo Sepolcro. Got sick seeing the sights? Go to the local shop to enjoy fresh pastries, aromatic wine and traditional meat and fish dishes. How many reviews on the Internet from tourists about the cuisine in this town. Become a grateful lover of delicacies.


Have you heard about the famous “golden triangle” of Spain? This includes Peratallada. Also, the town is considered a historical and cultural monument. If you come to a sunny country for knowledge, then visit this area to walk through the castle-fortress, which is located in the center. By the way, you can not rush. If you have enough money, you can even spend the night in the walls of a magnificent building. At the moment there is a hotel there, which is equipped according to the latest modern standards.

If you want to see a historical monument that the present has not touched, then go to the Plaza Mayor and the Church of St. Stephen.

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Ancient cities of Spain

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