Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 61, 08005 Barcelona, CC El Centre de La Vila
Calle de Hernani, 68, 28020 Madrid
Calle Francisco Villalón 15-16, Puerto Banus 29660 Marbella Málaga
Oficina Calle Joaquin Rodrigo 3, local 32, Malaga, 29004
  • CenterCarrer de Salvador Espriu, 61, 08005 Barcelona, CC El Centre de La Vila
  • AirportAeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat (BCN)
  • Railway StationEstacion de tren Barcelona-Sants
  • CenterCalle de Hernani, 68, 28020 Madrid
  • AirportAeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez (MAD)
  • Railway StationEstacion de tren Madrid-Puerta de Atocha
  • Railway StationEstacion de tren Madrid-Chamartín
  • CenterCalle Joaquin Rodrigo 3, local 32, Malaga, 29004
  • AirportAeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol (AGP)
  • Railway StationEstacion de tren Malaga-Maria Zambrano
  • CenterCalle Francisco Villalón 15-16, Puerto Banus 29660
  • AirportAeropuerto de Gibraltar (GIB) / La Línea
A trip to Avila as an opportunity to see medieval Spain | SÓLO

A trip to Avila as an opportunity to see medieval Spain

The tourist season in Spain lasts a relatively short time, which does not prevent millions of travelers from all over the world to come here for rest and entertainment. Here you can find everything you need for a vacation: a near-perfect Mediterranean climate, a serious cultural heritage, unique cuisine and endless holidays.

Planning a vacation in the Kingdom at first glance looks like a difficult task, especially if you do everything yourself. In fact, it often happens that with proper budget, good mood and well-planned route, the trip becomes easy.

You can start the journey to Avila from almost any city in the country, but you should take into account the fact that not all local carriers and travel agencies work as visitors want. However, it does not matter, because you can always rent a good car and hit the road, enjoying the quality of the road and amazing views from the window.


Calculate the route

Most of the travelers choose Madrid as the main place of stay. The capital, of course, has a lot of advantages, but the lack of access to the sea and the difficulty of finding housing force vacationers to choose other locations. As a good alternative, it is recommended to stay on the shores of the Mediterranean. In Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Gibraltar and Marbella all the conditions for a wonderful pastime. In addition, these settlements have serious traffic intersections, which is a big plus for those who have profitably rented a car for further movements.

For greater convenience, we will focus on Malaga - a fairly large city in the south. Immediately it is worth noting that the road to Avila is not too close, however, with a strong desire, a return trip and all the excursions can be laid daily. It is recommended to drive a car early in the morning, which will help save time on moving along traffic interchanges. It is difficult to get lost in local roads, but for more confidence it is recommended to order a good navigator when renting a car. The distance of 600 km can be overcome in 6-7 hours.


What to focus on in Avila?

The oldest city stands out primarily for its architecture, which is fairly well preserved, despite the wars and natural disasters. One of the main features is the walls erected around the settlement in the 12th century. This object, by the way, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hundreds of specialists are constantly working to maintain this architectural monument. Inside the city a separate stop stands on ancient churches:

  • Monasterio de Santo Tomas - erected in 1493 and Los Reyes Catolicos originally planned to organize their palace here. The death of their son Juan, who was later buried here, prevented this.
  • Basilica de San Vicente - a rather large temple, the construction of which began in the 12th century. Belongs to the Romanesque style and is officially considered a monument to the national heritage of Spain.

You can also purchase a ticket for a tour of the walls of the Four Posts. At some points, platforms are installed here, from which there is a magnificent view of the city district. If desired, by car you can drive to the caves of Grutas del Aguila, a walk through which will give a refreshing coolness.


Restaurants and hotels

It is worth recalling that Avila, although it is a small city, is considered a rather serious tourist center. Accordingly, in addition to inexpensive cafes and bars here you can easily find pretty good restaurants. Alas, to fully enjoy the national cuisine will not work, because most of the institutions are focused on European and American cuisine. Soul Kitchen restaurant, located in one of the oldest fortresses, which was built at the end of the 16th century, will help emphasize the impressions of medieval architecture.

In the settlement there are several fairly well-known and expensive hotels, offering travelers not only accommodation, but also a lot of additional services. However, they work primarily for those who came here purposefully and plans to spend a little vacation in the city. At the same time, there are more affordable offers, designed just for those travelers who visited Avila for excursions and wish to spend the night in order to go back on the dawn.

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A trip to Avila as an opportunity to see medieval Spain

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